NXT - The Illustrious Future

Nikki Has A Secret

Hello WRC people, this is Sir Mitch filling in for Baron Botch for this week’s Illustrious Future NXT review. I am a little behind on NXT so please bear with me as I’ve been playing […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Women Of Destruction

Not a bad episode of SmackDown, all the way around. The opening match was leaps and bounds better than the main event, but that’s expected knowing who was in each match. Personally, I’m waiting for […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Update On NXT:UK

WWE will be taping upcoming episodes of NXT: UK this weekend in Plymouth, Great Britain. In regards to the weekly television show they had planned, There are reports going around that they are expected to […]

Dignified Discussion

SD Dignified Discussion

SD Results Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair ends in a double count and Becky Lynch retains the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. Post match, Charlotte spears Becky through the LED board at the top of the […]