Impact Wrestling Looking For A New TV Deal In 2019!

As expected, it looks like Impact Wrestling will be off Pop TV in a couple of months as the current deal is coming up at the end of 2018 and Pop doesn’t seem to be interested in renewing it.

That fact became more obvious last month when Pop decided to move the show to 10 pm eastern. Ratings have dropped to the 100,000 range, and it has led to even further speculation on what is next for Impact on TV in the United States.

Sir Mitch Says: I would say this may finally be the end for Impact Wrestling, but we have all said this so many times before only for the company to prove us wrong and continue to survive. Our very own Duke Dre dubbed the company the cockroach of Pro Wrestling years ago for its ability to just keep going no matter what!

Speaking personally, the Impact’s in-ring product has been excellent ever since Don Callis and Scott D’Amore took over the day to day and creative operations of the company!