Tick Tock

Hi, kids.  It’s the Botching One with another edition of “The Pickup”.  I enjoy covering both NXT and 205 for the site as these are the shows where we get the amazing ring work.  205 has historically fallen short on the stories but we’re getting some of those now too.  Let’s see how this all plays out this week, shall we?


TJP & Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Lince Dorado & Kalisto

I feel very much like a broken record but I’m sick to death of Lucha House Party.  Like…really sick of them.  They’re all great workers – don’t get me wrong.  The issue is I can’t get a break from them.  They almost always open the show, the gimmick is tired (the promos don’t help), and the storylines they find themselves in are nearly meaningless.

Thankfully, this one means a bit more in that TJP has taken to snatching masks which you don’t see every day.  They’ve taken to calling him the “Mask Collector” which I’m all for too.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about TJP as a heel but I like it.  He’s got the arrogance thing down.  He was very vanilla as a face so this was totally the right move.

Mike Kanellis has gotten no shot thus far so he’s getting his shot on “205 Live”.  Let’s see where it goes.  Maria is just about all of their charisma so I’ll be interested to see how she’s used.  One thing’s for sure:  she’s truly lovely and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as he was coming down the ramp.  Wow!  Okay, the match…

Few do a better hot tag than Kalisto.  The “Matrix”-style moves from him during his offense against TJP were really spectacular.  Kanellis’ Russian Leg Sweep of Kalisto against the barrier looked particularly sick too.  Of course, the ring work is never bad when Lucha House Party are in the ring. I will say that the tandem dives off the top rope and onto TJP & Kanellis were out of sync because Kalisto started to lose his balance.  A rare misstep.  Still, this was a fun match.  The ending was novel too.  TJP went to take Lince’s mask and got it but Lince had another one underneath it which caught TJP off-guard and Lince was able to get the win.

Interesting too is that Maria stopped TJP and her husband from getting back into the ring and kept saying, “I have a plan”.  I was really hoping she’d get more involved and I guess she will now.


Cinéma de Performance Center – Cedric Alexander & Lio Rush

Lio is dripping in charisma and Cedric gave nothing here.  Like…nothing.  Lio was supposed to punk him, yeah, but Cedric could have given some reaction…just something.  He didn’t.  Not a big surprise.  That’s sadly become normal.  I do like what they’re doing with Cedric but he’s gotta give more to make it work and he certainly should have here.  We’ll get Cedric vs. Lio next week.


Lio Rush vs. Josh Morrell

Word is that Vince absolutely loves Lio.  What’s not to love?  Yes, I know.  I am a broken record but the kid has “it”.  Josh (a UK worker I haven’t seen before) showed some real speed here – not easy to do in the ring with the lightning-quick Rush.  Rush has added some welcome aggressiveness to his game and he does it really well.  He’s quick and he’ll maim you.  He also does a great frog splash.  Nice job from both of them.

Lio with a mic is money.  He beautifully trolled Cedric after his match and I’m all about it.


Cinéma de Outside – Mustafa Ali

He does these promos really well.  He gives so much to these and I love watching them.  He speaks with great intensity and I’m really looking forward to him going after the title and winning it at some point.  Until he does, I’m totally okay with the chase.  He’s so good at it.


Buddy Murphy vs Mark Andrews

They always pull out all the stops for the final match of a show and this one was a great one.  Andrew’s dive out of the ring into a Hurricanrana on Murphy was fun to watch and not the usual boring dive we get so much of anymore.  This one got vicious too…and Andrews was largely responsible for it.  He was merciless with Murphy outside the ring.  I also have to hand it to Vic Joseph for keeping up with it.  Some of the sequences between them were incredibly fast and Vic kept up – describing each move as it happened in rapid-fire succession.


Another fun episode of “205 Live” is in the bag now.  I’m looking forward to how they “go home” for the Mustafa Ali/Buddy Murphy match we’ll likely see on the kick-off to “Survivor Series”.  I also really want to see Kendrick & Tozawa take on Gulak & Gallagher on next week’s show.  See you all next week for another “Pickup”!