Cody Hints At His Future

There is arguably no hotter act in Pro Wrestling right now than the Elite and with all the members of the group having contracts run out in the coming months speculation and rumors have been running rampant.

Elite member Cody recorded an interview on the weekend of the NWA 70th anniversary show with the AJ Awesome show (seriously, how lucky is this kid) and he hinted that big things are in the pipeline for both him and his fellow stablemates:

“Well, I’m 33. I said I’d be done wrestling by 40 which is very unlikely. I don’t know. I couldn’t plan 2018 — 2019… I don’t know. I’d like to do more guest roles acting-wise. I think I’ve learned a little in that field and I want to expand upon that field not where it interrupts with my wrestling at all.”

“My New Japan dates — I’d like to advance those. I come over on a limited schedule, and I’d rather come over on a little bit more full-time schedule. They have such great wrestling. The only way you’re going to get good at wrestling is wrestling where there is great wrestling, and I’d like to be there more often than I was this past year.”

“But also… I’ve got some big plans that I can’t discuss that will take up a lot of time, and I’m very excited about starting that, and it’s a different role for me in wrestling, and I’m pumped for it.”

Cody also said  “the clock stuff” on Being The Elite is an allusion to what he’s doing next and it’s a “Steve Jobs/Bill Gates type thing”:

‘There’s no way we will ever do this. No way — who would think that?’ But I found some outlaw friends of mine who wanna do it — whatever it is that we’re talking about. But I’m looking forward to it. The clock for sure, watch the clock.”

You can watch a preview of the full interview at the link below:

Sir Mitch Says: And now speculation surrounding where the Elite will call home in 2019 is set to increase ten fold on the back of Cody teasing “Steve Jobes/Bill Gates” type plans.

Could the rumors about them starting their own promotion actually be true? Only time will tell!