Mindless Meat Castle

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s Sovereign Statement. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and this week’s episode of Raw was their go-home for Survivor Series. I will say that it does make me a bit sad that this is the second longest running pay-per-view for the company and yet it was given only two weeks of build. Also, as a California resident, my heart and thoughts go out to those who have fallen victim to the wildfires that are currently going on in our state and also my heart and thoughts go out to the victims and those impacted by the recent shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA. So, without further ado, let’s see what Raw had for us.


Veteran’s Day Tribute Video

This is something that WWE continues to do well each year, and this was a fantastic video honoring our veterans. I salute all those who have served throughout the decades and put their lives on the line for this country. Well done WWE, well done.


Opening Kerfuffle

Now you may be wondering why I called this a kerfuffle and the reason is simple. There was so much going on and it was all over the place. Raw started with a tag-team battle royal to determine the captain for the Raw tag team Survivor Series team and, like prior to Wrestlemania this year, Braun Strowman came down and took out all the competitors. He then sits down on a chair and says he want Corbin and Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring. Stephanie reigned him in and she promised he would get his hands on him after Survivor Series. The Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring for some reason and she gets on the mic and says a variation of the same things she has been saying since she started with WWE. Corbin came down to try and make sure things didn’t get more out of hand but ate a judo throw from Rousey after he put his hand on her shoulder.


Tamina vs Ember Moon

WWE have dropped the ball so far on Ember Moon and she has done nothing since her call up. It feels like being on Raw has been a detriment to her growth because the women’s division is all about Ronda on Raw. Also, I don’t know who came up with Ember having idolized Nia because that is just so hilariously inaccurate. In what world did Ember idolize Nia? This was an okay match that had Tamina go over and then Ember got beaten down after the match. Ember might be better off on Smackdown because I am unsure if she will ever get a shot on Raw.


Seth Rollins Interview

This Seth and Dean storyline has been the best one on Raw for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Seth came down to the ring to get interviewed by Corey Graves and Seth did a good job here. He talked about his match at Survivor Series against Shinsuke Nakamura, a clear match of the night contender, and he did a fine job hyping it up. Seth wants answers for why Dean turned on him and then Dean pops up on the tron and he is sitting on the hood of a car with a trashcan on fire next to the car. Dean said why he turned on Seth and I must say, Dean as a heel just feels right. The way he is delivering his lines are fantastic and this was a great promo by Dean. Their eventual match will be great, and I hope they are able to drag this out to Wrestlemania.


Drew McIntyre In-Ring Promo featuring Dolph

McIntyre is someone with each passing week that I see as a face of the company. He is stellar on the mic and he showed it again this week. He is really outgrowing his need for Dolph and I will be surprised if they are still a tandem before the year is over. Finn Balor came down to the ring and had some words for Drew and challenged him to a match. Drew said he was fine with a match but not with him but Dolph Ziggler. Drew gave Finn a headbutt to close this out and this was a solid segment all around.


Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler

It is no surprise that this was a solid match between these two as they are two of the best workers in the company. It was a good back and forth affair that saw Finn get a roll up surprise victory. Seems like this is the start of a feud between Finn and McIntyre so I am interested to where they go with it. A Balor/McIntyre program is definitely more interesting than what he was doing with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.


Balor, Stephanie, Corbin & McIntyre Backstage

Small doses of Stephanie McMahon go a long way and when she is used sparingly, she is great. She was impressed by Finn’s performance and decided to add him to the men’s Survivor Series team much to the chagrin or Corbin and McIntyre. It was a good interaction by all the individuals.


Rousey Backstage Interview

If I were to be honest, I am getting a bit bored by Ronda’s promos of late. They seem to all revolve around her prior accomplishments and you can only bring those up so many times before we tune that out. Her line delivery is getting better but I wish they would move on from what she has done to what she is doing/what she will do. Nia and Tamina came in at the end of the interview and that just felt off to me.


Riott Squad In-Ring

Ruby is a star in the waiting, but this was not a good showcase of her talent. Like Alexa Bliss, she has the gift of giving what is written for her and having it sound great but the material she was handed for this week was not very good. Not even she could make it sound good and I was just waiting for Natalya to come out and attack her. Natalya would come down and attack her, but the numbers game was too much as the Riott Squad stood tall at the end.


Tag Team Battle Royal Take 2

What a sad state the Raw tag division is in…. It is in serious need of something because it is AOP and then a bunch of jobbers. The Revival could be a team of note, but they haven’t been given a shot. Roode and Gable is new, but they haven’t done much either. The Lucha House Party just arrived so maybe they will challenge AOP next but who knows. Roode and Gable won and became the captains for the Raw tag team side and I will honestly be surprised if Smackdown doesn’t win that match easily on Sunday.


Lesnar & Heyman In-Ring

Heyman does what he does best and that is hype up a match very well. The If you don’t know the Hotel California reference, Google it was fantastic. Outside of that though, he didn’t say much that he hasn’t said since coming back with Lesnar. For some odd reason, Jinder and the Singh Bros came down to the ring to put Brock at ease before his match and Brock actually said something that made me laugh. Maybe if he still cared we could look forward to seeing him rather than sigh. Brock destroyed Jinder and the Singh Bros and it was not pretty when he suplexed the Singh Bros. I was genuinely worried he was going to wreck their necks.


Lashley & Lio Rush Don’t Walk With Elias

I have said it once and I will say it again, Elias is money. Lashley and Lio are trying to make this thing work and it was good at first, but it is going nowhere fast. I have heard that Vince loves Lio and he is taking a hands-on approach to his progress and I think he needs to pull back some because their act isn’t garnering the kind of heat you want. The we were greeted by Elias and he stole the show once again. The fans doing the “Ooohhh Walk with Elias” chant in the style of Seven Nation Army seems to be catching on and I hope it stays. Elias being on the phone with Child Services saying that Lashley had kidnapped a child, Lio Rush, had me dying. This led to their match for the final spot on the men’s Survivor Series team so that was coming after the break. This rating is purely based on the work of Elias and he is set for a great 2019.


Elias vs Lashley

This was a decent match that further pushed Lashley/Rush as heels and Elias as a face. There were some good moments in the match, but it had a very anticlimactic ending of Elias getting counted out via Lio Rush holding on to him from under the ring so Lashley is the final member of the Raw men’s team. Elias let out his frustration by attacking Lio Rush and Lashley after the match so there was that.


Bliss Announces the Raw Women’s Team/Sasha vs Bayley

I decided to group these two together because they go with one another for this Raw. Bliss came down to the ring with Nia Jax, Tamina and Mickie James and it was clear that those three were going to be on the Raw women’s team and they were. She said that she sent Natayla away to calm down and Natalya is another member of the team which left one spot open. That spot would be filled by either Sasha Banks or Bayley in a match that would be up next. It was an okay match as these two have faced off countless times, but neither would qualify for the Raw women’s team. Tamina, Nia and Mickie would attack them and then Alexa announced that Ruby Riott was the final member. It looked like that was the end or Raw but wait, there was more to be had.


Becky Lynch Leads the Charge

Survivor Series since the brand split has led to some pretty good invasions of Raw and Smackdown and this one was right up there with them. Suddenly, they cut to the back to show Becky with the Disarm-her on Rousey and she then starts to make her way towards the ring. She walks down, and it would seem she was outnumbered but she brought the Smackdown Live women’s roster with her and they began to attack the Raw women. The Raw women hold their own for a bit but the Smackdown women overtake them and beat them all down. Sometime during the scuffle, Becky ate a shot from Nia Jax that busted her up pretty good and she was a bloody mess. That bit of blood just added to the intensity of this and Ronda would make her way down to get her some more, but Becky would take her out with a steel chair. This was an amazing closing segment and further proves that Becky Lynch is the hottest wrestler in all of wrestling right now. My only complaint about this segment is that Rousey should have sold the chair shots more and stayed down a bit more than looking like she was about to get up from them as the Smackdown women made their way out of the arena.


Final Statement

For the most part this was a paint by the numbers go-home for Survivor Series. There were some highlights but there were also some segments that were skip worthy or just plain meh. Also of note, Raw no longer has the 5 minute run over time and I certainly felt it at the end. It felt like after the invasion that they rushed everything. The highlights were definitely the Elias segment, Dean Ambrose promo, and the closing invasion segment. I would also throw in the Balor vs Ziggler match and McIntyre’s promo prior to that match. The low points for me were the tag team battle royal, Ruby’s promo, and some of the Rousey stuff. This has been another Sovereign Statement and I look forward to seeing everybody next week for another installment.