Classless Nasties!

I just have to say that Vic Joseph has been great here on NXT.  He does his job, gets excited when it’s called for, but he never loses his head.  I’ll miss him terrible when the vastly-inferior Mauro Ranallo returns for “War Games”.


Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim

It’s so cool to see these two together.  Mia has been great for years and Bianca is just about my favorite woman in WWE.  She is just dripping in attitude and her ring work is really good.  Dre and I were talking about seeing Naomi and Bianca together.  It would thrill us both to no end.  I love seeing Bianca be so vicious here.  It made the match all the more fun.  Her ego is gigantic and it works well for her.  They both worked really hard and Bianca came away with the win.  I love it for Bianca and I’m not worried about Mia because she looked good and because NXT knows how to book.


Backstage segment – War Raiders, Ricochet, & Pete Dunne

This wasn’t amazing.  Ricochet & Pete Dunne were trying to show us that they were fighting to be in the ring with Kyle O’Reilly and neither of them gave enough.  Particularly acting from both of them.  The War Raiders ended the car crash and Hanson will be doing it.  Glad it was quick.


Backstage segment – Matt Riddle & Kassius Ohno
 x 100000000000000

Riddle was just awful here.  Like…atrocious.  This was like first-day-on-the-indies bad.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a promo this bad since Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer – the guy who accused the guy he was feuding with, Motley Cruz, of “turning the tables in a wrong way”.  (Here) it is if you want to check it out for a laugh.  Riddle was on this level, though Jeff was a different kind of bad.  He was just completely lost and I didn’t believe a word he said.  Kassius showed up and did what he could but it wasn’t salvageable.  This stuff is pre-taped.  Why did they let it air?  Frightening.  They’re supposed to face each other next week and I couldn’t possibly care any less.  They need to keep Matt as far away from the mic as possible until he figures this out…and he’s so bad now that I wonder if he ever will.


Karissa Rivera vs. Lacey Evans

Dag, Karissa is absolutely gorgeous.  Lacey is pure slime and I love that.  She also became quite vicious after Rivera got in a little bit of offense.  This was basically a jobber match.  Quick but effective.

She pulls off her gimmick fairly well and it’ll keep getting better as time goes on.  I’m along for the ride.


Hanson vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Okay, I might as well say this here.  I don’t yet care about Hanson or Rowe. Why?  Because we’ve already had the Ascension and that has thus far completely failed on the main roster.  The gimmick is reductive.  Yeah, most things have already been done but this one in particular has been done to death.  I’m just not moved.  I’m willing to go on the ride but so far, so blah.

As for the match itself, Kyle is always fun.  There was some good storytelling in this match.  Hanson put on quite the show of athleticism, strength and size.  As for O’Reilly, No matter how big you are, the knees are what they are and O’Reilly feasted on one for some time.  Of course, the match couldn’t end cleanly no matter what.  Everyone in the War Games match had to get involved and they did.  The whole thing ended with Dunne clutching at his own knee in the ring.  Interesting plot twist.


So are you ready?  How can you not be?  We certainly are.  As of this writing, the predictions are already up!  We just couldn’t wait to post them. Go on over and vote for your picks.  See you “War Games” this Saturday night.  Our customary Dignified Discussion begins at 6pm.  That’s also when our voting polls end so don’t forget to let your voice be heard in the Predictions post.  I’ll be back to bask in The Afterglow of what promises to be an incredible show and then again for another look into “The Illustrious Future” next week.  See you all soon!