Even A Juggernaut Can’t Stop the Unstoppable

Hey, kids…oh never mind.  The deliciousness that awaits us in this episode is too important to worry with some hack greeting.  Let’s go in!


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa

Is it wrong that I’m just happy that we aren’t getting another opening match with the Lucha House Party?  You have to love the non-interview that Tozawa and Kendrick gave.  They stammered for a couple of seconds and one by one, they left Dasha standing there.  Dead!

It’s so weird seeing Kendrick be all “face”-y.  He took damage quite well.  Tozawa is always fun and he’s so criminally underrated.  He works hard and he’s over; they just won’t push him like they should.  I even liked the screwy ending.  Wonder where this’ll go.


Cinéma de Weigh-in – Drake Maverick, Mustafa Ali, & Buddy Murphy

This is different.  It also enables a different kind of interaction.  It was quick but I like it.


Backstage segment – Buddy Murphy

This was sufficiently arrogant and fiery.  Nice work.


Lince Dorado & Kalisto vs. Mike Karma & Kraig Keesaman

Oh well.  It couldn’t last.  At least it wasn’t the first match.  This was, of course, a job match.  Kraig hammed it up nicely – trolling Lucha House Party while he was in there with them.  This was a quick one.  They must be maximizing time for Lio & Cedric.

P.S.:  Kalisto must never dance again.


Cinéma de Titantron – Maria Kanellis

She’s total slime…and I love it.  This was a little plastic but she’s gotta find her rhythm again.  It’s been a while.


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander

He’s trying to do a riff on Mustafa Ali’s “all heart”-style promo.  The problem is that he spoke far too quickly and wasn’t into it enough.  Like most promos from Cedric, this didn’t work very well.


Lio Rush vs. Cedric Alexander

Speaking of complete slime, Lio is it all day and twice on Sundays…and I love it madly.  He is absolutely tiny – making him even more hate-able.

The opening sequences in this match was quite unorthodox.  I can’t describe it; you just have to see it.  Cedric has incredible speed but Lio’s is just that much faster.  Lio is far more vicious than he was when he started.  I talked a bit about this last week and we’re getting that much more of it this week.  In this setting, we really get to see Cedric’s ability to sell…and sell he did.  Little Lio did would have worked nearly as well if Cedric hadn’t made it look good through selling.

Cedric got his share of offense in too and, as is always the case, it looked fantastic.  Cedric is the best worker alive right now in my opinion and he showed more of that here.  Everything he does is just so crisp.  Lio had a few positively minuscule missteps but Cedric just doesn’t do missteps.

This match was spectacular.  It just was.  I knew it would be great and it was.  I’m not sure why Lio went under here but the match was so great that it’s hard to complain.  No undefeated streak can last forever and Lio had gotten eight matches deep with his.  He came dangerously close to beating Cedric a few times and both were very evenly-matched.


Cinéma de Passion – Mustafa Ali

No one on “205 Live” does these kinds of promos anywhere near as well as Mustafa does.


These episode all follow a template now.  We get good matches at first and then barnburners to finish.  I can dig it.  This show is just too much fun and if you aren’t watching it on a regular basis, you are completely missing out.  I am very much looking forward to Buddy & Mustafa on the kick-off show this Sunday.  They should tear it down quite nicely if given enough time.  See you all next week for another edition of “The Pickup”.