Injury Update on Triple H.

At that show we didn’t cover, Triple H. was quickly injured in his tag match with Shawn Michael vs. The Brothers of Destruction.  This has in no way slowed him down as he continues to assume his leadership duties within WWE and even engaged in a media conference call this week concerning NXT.  The question arose about the current status of his health and he responded thusly:

“I had surgery a week ago yesterday, everything is feeling good. I’m using an immobilizer now,” Triple H stated. “On the road to recovery, it is just rehab, rehab, rehab now. I will be back. That does not stop this machine from rolling on, it is business as usual. I will be heading to Los Angeles tomorrow to begin preparations for what is a very exciting NXT TakeOver.”

Of course, we wish Triple H. a speedy recovery.


Botch Take:  The uncomfortable truth is that he’s not getting any younger.  He’s 49 now and while he still looks great, the body becomes less resilient as we age.  He got injured awfully fast during the match he took part in and Shawn had to basically carry what there was of it.  I’m glad his recovery is going as it should.