Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Survivor Series!

Here, ye, hear, ye.  The Royals of Wrestle Royalty are at it again – this time pontificating, elaborating on, and predicting WWE’s “Survivor Series”!  Predict along with us!  Vote in the polls following each match!


Raw Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

Baron Botch:  Who saw this coming?  I confess I didn’t.  This is one of those that will depend on which Brock we get.  Will we get “sleepwalker Brock” who just suplexes and does nothing else or will we get the Brock that’s willing to have a little fun.  If we get that one, the match could be fun.  I do worry about Bryan though.  It’s not like he’s been back that terribly long and Brock has a tendency to be completely reckless.  I’m sure Sunil Singh could tell you a thing or two about that given what happened to him this past Tuesday night.  Bryan is phenomenal in the ring and I know he’ll do all he can to protect himself but I just hope it’s enough.  The winner is rather obvious here.

THE WINNAH! – Brock Lesnar


Queen Kendra:  This is quite an unexpected change. I’m interested in seeing what they’re going to do with Bryan and BL, ever though I worry that the results will be the same as they usually are when BL is involved. With BL actually training and having dropped weight for UFC, he’s actually looking like a wrestler and not like the lazy lump he’s been for much of his recent WWE career. The big question is that has me worried is whether they will let Bryan go over BL when he’s looking toward fighting UFC again. Losing a match, no matter how scripted, could look bad for BL going into an UFC, and I worry that McMahon won’t let that happen on principle. That also looks bad for anyone who might go after the Universal Championship, even Strowman who should have won it in the first place! Despite all of my worries of McMahon not willingly putting anyone over BL, I have to go with my heart and pick Bryan on this one. He’s full on evil and would have no trouble kicking BL in the slats to win, even if it’s Nakamura’s key move as of late.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Daniel Bryan


Sovereign S.A.M.:  Well I was all ready to write how Brock was going to beat AJ, but WWE decided to throw us a curveball and have Bryan beat AJ on the Smackdown go-home. This is an interesting matchup and one that I think will have the same result that a match with AJ would have. I will be interested to see how WWE books this since Brock does throw people around and WWE has been careful with Daniel Bryan since his return. I think this match will go longer than some people may think it will, but the result is quite obvious to me.

The Winner: Brock Lesnar!!


Duke Dre:  Finally, the Brock/Bryan match that fans have been clamoring for since WrestleMania 31. Except it’s not going down the way we all envisioned it. It’s not going to be your typical David vs Goliath match because Daniel Bryan is heading into this one as the clear heel here while Brock will be presented as the tweeter which is about as close as Brock gets to bring a babyface. Personally I love the swerve and also love how this match came completely out of left field. WWE pulled the Bryan heel turn off perfectly against the right opponent.

I really get the feeling that Daniel Bryan will somehow go over but I’m really not quite sure how though. My bet is that Shane McMahon gets involved somehow and cost Brock this match which would turn Shane into a heel aswell. Just imagine how full of himself Bryan will become when he can brag about beating Brock, that’ll really get Bryan over as a heel in a big way.

The Winner: Daniel Bryan


Magnate Mat:  So, in case you missed this weeks SmackDown Live, we have a NEW WWE Champion in one Daniel Bryan. So for the second year in a row, the champion vs champion match on Survivor Series gets changed 5 days before the event. Lesnar vs Bryan isn’t the match we were expecting, and it may not be the match we want, but it might just be the match that steals the show. Bryan hasn’t really been in a high profile match since his return and Lesnar is just taking up space presently. It could be good, it could be flat. A lot of uncertainty as this match just became reality at 9:58 on Tuesday night.

The Winner: Brock Lesnar

Raw Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

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Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair

Baron Botch:  To use a word that Kendra uses often, “ugh”.  This is so not the match anyone else or I wanted.  We wanted Ronda vs. Becky but, thanks to Nia, that can’t happen now.  WWE scrambled and pulled this together.  I’m not sure what else they could have done really that would have come close to working either.  As such, this is what we’re left with and I honestly don’t care.  Charlotte is great in the ring but, despite what the WWE hype machine is desperately trying to get us to believe, Ronda is nowhere near “main roster ready” in that regard.  She’s still a mess but if someone can get a good match out of her, there are only a few and Charlotte is one of them.  The winner is pretty obvious here.

THE WINNAH! – Ronda Rousey


Queen Kendra:  I honestly don’t know where to go with this one. I didn’t know who I’d pick when it was Becky, but I was leaning toward Becky for a variety of reasons. Charlotte is a whole other entity and there’s little between her and Ronda, though I know Charlotte will make the match look as good as she possibly can. I see Charlotte making Ronda look that much better in the ring, and I’d love to see her lock the figure eight on Ronda, but I’m not sure about the ending. If Charlotte beats Ronda, then Becky will be the second one to face her and not as big of a deal. If Charlotte loses, Becky can continue being horrible to Charlotte on SD, but that can only last for so long. They could go to DQ or have something else horrible happen, but I see only one match at Survivor Series going to DQ, and it’s not this one. I guess I have to go with Ronda on this one. It’s the only way I can see them going with this. Of course I’ll be wrong, but I’m trying to make sense out of this mess.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Ronda Rousey


Sovereign S.A.M.:  First off, I have to feel sorry for Becky Lynch for putting in the time and effort for this program with Rousey only to have it snatched away from her by an errant punch thrown by Nia Jax. Becky is the hottest person in all of wrestling and she deserved this high-profile match. Charlotte vs Rousey is something that has been rumored for months to be the main event for Wrestlemania so we are getting it early here. While I wish there could have been build for this, this is not a bad plan B for Survivor Series. I fully expect Charlotte to get something good out of Ronda and for this to be the best Ronda match so far. Becky vs Rousey was a hard one to pick but this one feels a bit easier to pick. I do hope this match closes the ppv because it has a “big fight” feel to it that would garner main event status.

The Winner: Ronda Rousey!!


Duke Dre:  For months this was rumored to be not only the RAW woman’s championship match at WrestleMania but also the potential main event of the show. With Becky Lynch’s untimely and unfortunate injury it looks like glimpses of WrestleMania will come early.

I’m still a bit shocked that creative is pulling the trigger on this Mania worthy match soon and with ZERO build but with how over Becky Lynch as been in her new role I guess Vince feels comfortable doing this match up here because maybe he’s decided now that he may just do Becky vs Ronda at WrestleMania 35 instead which I’m more then okay with.

Now back to Ronda/Charlotte, this is going to be fantastic, if any woman on the roster is capable of getting the absolute best out of still green Ronda Rousey inside the squared circle then Charlotte is that girl. I’m truly excited about this match up. This one will be ultra competitive but I think Ronda  pulls out the victory here.

The Winner: Ronda Rousey


Magnate Mat:  So, a ridiculous ending to RAW ended up with the SD Live Women’s roster running through RAW, and concluded with Becky Lynch having a black eye, a cracked orbital bone, and a concussion. So Becky selected Charlotte to face Ronda Rousey in what was considered the main event of this show. WAS considered. The crowd is probably not going to respond well to this. They wanted Becky, we wanted Becky, EVERYONE wanted Becky in this match, and we’re not getting her.

The Winner: Ronda Rousey

Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair

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Raw vs. Smackdown Live! – captain Baron Corbin w/ Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Finn Bálor, & Bobby Lashley vs. captain The Miz w/ Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Shane McMahon, & Jeff Hardy

Baron Botch:  This is really only of any interest because of how Shane will play into this.  They seem to be slowly turning him – like…glacially…so his role here is likely to further said heel turn.  Miz will be fun here too because…when isn’t he.  Still, the match itself is nothing I care about.

THE WINNAH! – Team Smackdown Live!


Queen Kendra:  I’d love to say that Team SD has a chance, but Samoa Joe, Shane and Miz can only hold Strowman, McIntyre, Lashley, and Ziggler off for so long. Team Raw is so much stronger that Team SD in this case, though I have to say I’m hoping to see some solid work between Rey and Balor. Those two should get the chance to really show that the little guys are where some of the best action is, and they could be amazing in the ring together. Beyond that, I really want to see Joe in the ring with McIntyre, they could be a lot of fun.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Team Raw


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This should be one fun match and I feel like this is another match of the night contender. There are plenty of inter-team story lines that are involved and that usually makes for an interesting elimination match. These matches always have some unpredictability to them, but I have a good feeling where they will go with this one. I feel like Baron will do something to set off Braun that will lead to his elimination and The Miz, the captain of Team Smackdown, will get eliminated first. I have the feeling that Shane will be the last one standing for Smackdown and have some head scratching eliminations to keep Smackdown alive. I made a prediction 2 weeks ago as to what the finish will be and I will stick to it.

The Winners – Team Raw with Drew McIntyre as sole survivor!!!


Duke Dre:  I’ve gone back and forth on this one quite a bit but I’ve finally decided to roll the dice on Team RAW. I think this one comes down to the fact I believe Shane is headed towards a heel turn while Miz is headed for a face turn in the near future and I think that dynamic plays out here and ultimately cost Team SD. The win for Team RAW will also help progress the growing feud between Strowman and Corbin. I also predict that Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman will finish as the lone survivors

The Winners – Team Raw


Magnate Mat:  There is a lot of personal storylines mixed in with this match. Ziggler and Drew just lost the RAW tag belts, Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor have a brewing rivalry, Strowman doesn’t like anyone and is vying for another shot at the Universal Title. On the other side, Mysterio just beat Miz this week on SD Live, Shane seems to be losing a bit of a control as his roster is going at each other hard every week, Samoa Joe also doesn’t like anyone. This will be a messy chaotic and enjoyable match to watch, It won’t reinvent the wheel, but everyone will have a good time

Prediction: Team Smackdown Live!

Raw vs. Smackdown Live! - Men's Survivor Series match

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Raw vs. Smackdown Live! – captain Alexa Bliss w/ Nia Jax, Tamina, Ruby Riott, Natalya, & Mickie James vs. Naomi, Sonya DeVille, Asuka, Carmella, & …

Baron Botch:  They will absolutely make a match of this.  Do I care?  Again, no.  Carmella is a riot (no pun intended ’cause it’s missing the other “t”) and I’m hopeful we at least get a dance break.  Okay, seriously, these ladies can go and I have no doubt that they will.  That the Smackdown Live! team isn’t yet fully-realized lends a bit of suspense.  Who wins?…

THE WINNAH! – Team Raw


Queen Kendra:  What a circle the women have been running in lately. The end of Raw was so great and so horrible at the same time. So many things were changed in two matches all because of one punch. Charlotte facing Ronda make sense, but leaves a HUGE hole in this match. They could replace her with another blonde in Mandy Rose, but that would be a rather large step back as Mandy is better than most realize, but she’s no Charlotte. I think the only superstar who could change the balance in any way at all is Nikki. No, not Bella, Nikki Cross. Sanity will be at Survivor Series, so why not all of Sanity? She could really show herself to a wider audience here, but even she doesn’t change my prediction for this match. It’s all because of Ruby, Tamina and Nia, I have to go with Team Raw.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Team Raw


Sovereign S.A.M.:  It is kind of difficult to figure out who can win this match since there has been a shake up with the women’s matches for Survivor Series. I don’t know how much time the women will get, but I expect some nuggets of fun in this one. I also expect a dance break from Carmella that will lead to her getting eliminated by either Tamina or Nia Jax. It should be interesting to see how they book this match, but I have a good feeling as to who will win this one.

The Winners: Team Smackdown with Asuka as sole survivor!!!


Duke Dre:  Before I dive into my prediction for this one I must say that I’m a little pissed of that Ember Moon isn’t being featured on Team RAW

Okay now that I got that mini rant out of the way let’s get to business. I think Charlotte’s replacement as the 5th member of Smackdown will be Mandy Rose given the exchange she had with the rest of Team SD a couple weeks back. But her presence won’t be enough to help overcome the dice advantage that Team RAW has or the distractions that RAW has at ringside with the likes of Bliss, Morgan and Logan on the outside.  This one comes down to Ruby Riott and Asuka and I think Ruby will pick up the win for Team RAW off a distraction.

The Winners:  Team Raw


Magnate Mat:  With how RAW ended this past week, and with Charlotte taking on Ronda Rousey in place of an injured Becky Lynch, this is probably going to be one of the more physical matches of the night. Expect the crowd to be openly hostile to Nia Jax (because of the Becky Lynch situation) and the women wanting to keep their momentum from Evolution going. Also, an open spot on Team SD probably means Nikki Cross will be a part of this match and that’s always worth watching

The Winner: Team Smackdown Live!

Raw vs. Smackdown Live! - Women's Survivor Series match

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Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Baron Botch:  If they give this time, it could be fun.  The feud has been absolutely nothing but the two of them can…well…burn it down in the ring (don’t judge me – you would have done the same thing).  I honestly have no clue or concern for who wins.  This will just be one that’s fun to watch – kinda like a really solid “205 Live” match.  Shinsuke’s run with the United States Championship has been mundane to say the least.  The title has officially become a prop.  I’m gonna go with who could use the win the most.  I also think Ambrose will get involved to ensure that Seth doesn’t win and to move their feud along.

THE WINNAH! – Shinsuke Nakamura


Queen Kendra:  I truly hope this match gets the time it deserves, because these two could be amazing in the ring together. That being said, Rollins should have this one in the bag, easily, unless Ambrose gets involved. I always pick one match to end in DQ, and if Ambrose wasn’t all lunatic fringe again, I wouldn’t bat an eye about Rollins beating Nakamura in this match, but with Ambrose the way he is, I don’t think there’s any way possible that Ambrose won’t attack. I truly believe that this will end in a horrible beat down on Rollins and really push his feud forward with Ambrose.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – DQ/No Contest


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This is my pick for match of the night and I hope they get enough time to have one. Nakamura hasn’t been up to much since winning the US Title and Seth has been on fire for the better part of 2018. I fully expect this one to get the crowd going and I do hope they deliver. The obvious underlying element for this match is that Dean Ambrose will surely get involved in some way to further his feud with Rollins.

The Winner due to interference by Dean Ambrose: Shinsuke Nakamura!!


Duke Dre:  Nakamura hasn’t quite been able to put it altogether yet since arriving to the WWE but he’s still been more then solid nonetheless. On Sunday I think we may get his best match yet. There is no better dance partner in the WWE right now then Seth Rollins so I’m expecting these two to tear the house down.

Despite being US Champ Nak really hasn’t had a whole lot to do as of late so the prestige of the US title has taken a bit of a hit. And that’s why I’m picking Nakamura to go over at Survivor Series. I’m counting on WWE creative not wanting fans to forget about Nakamura or the US title so a win over Seth seems like a must.

And also there is the huge X-Factor (Dean Ambrose) looming closely by. He’ll play a role in the outcome of this one I’m sure of.

The Winner:  Shinsuke Nakamura


Magnate Mat:  This will be Match Of The Night, if it isn’t, I will be sorely disappointed. In this era, there is not a superstart that is as good, top to bottom, as Seth Rollins. Rollins is a 5 tool player, can do it all, and while his run with the IC Title has been underwhelming, he is putting on great performances week in and week out. Shinsuke Nakamura has not had a lot to do with the US belt, but is as talented and charismatic as Rollins is, if not more. The build to this match has been wildly uneven, but it’s going to work itself out once the match starts. Rollins will put all his personal stuff aside to focus on the King Of Strong Style, and Nakamura will look to put Knee To Face

The Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

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Tag Team Survivor Series Match – Bobby Roode and Chad Gable (team captains) w/ The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson), The B-Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel), Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Lince Dorado, & Gran Metalik), The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) [captains] w/ The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E.), Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Dane, & Alexander Wolfe), Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and The Colons (Primo & Epico)

Baron Botch:  Is there anyone who cares about this?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Raw’s tag scene is a total and complete disaster.  They’ve simply done nothing with it in some time now.  Smackdown Live’s tag division is a lot more fun, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at this lineup.  It’s basically The Usos, The New Day, and the other guys.  I’d actually forgotten that The Colons were still on the payroll.  Who wins?  Who cares, really.  I hate to get all Sir Mitch here but I just don’t care about the outcome.  The match might be decent, though I’m not expecting any show stealing here.

THE WINNAH! – Team Smackdown Live!


Queen Kendra:  Looking at the teams on both sides and I have to say that Team SD is looking better to me. Even with Primo and Epico I have to go with Team SD. The Usos, New Day, The Good Brothers, and Sanity are all quite strong teams, especially compared to B Team, and Revival. Neither are really up to par, and the WWE has really messed up Roode in a terrible way. The biggest thing I’m hoping for is that Sanity isn’t made to look like fools.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Team Smackdown Live!


Sovereign S.A.M.:  Quite simply put, the Raw tag division is a mess and there is no way they should win this match. In all honesty, I would be all for Smackdown sweeping this match because the Raw team doesn’t have the teams to put up a fight. This should be a dominant victory and I hope WWE fixes the Raw tag division because it is in a sorry state.

The Winners – Team Smackdown!!


Duke Dre:  Gonna be honest, I’m not invested in the slightest in this match. This one is so lopsided in favor of Smackdown it’s not even funny. One of the teams being featured for Team RAW just got called up from the Cruiserweight division just to fill out the RAW side of things. That right there tells you how big of a drop off there is between the tag teams on SD and the ones on RAW.

I’m sure the match will be fun and booked somewhat competitively but my money is on…

The Winners – Team Smackdown Live!

Men's Tag Team Survivor Series Match

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Raw Tag Team Champions AOP (Akam & Rezar) w/ Drake Maverick vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) w/ Big Show

Baron Botch:  The criminally-neglected and underused AOP are finally getting a chance to really shine.  I was beginning to wonder if they were going to be Colon’d out of relevance but, thankfully, that’s no longer the case.  AOP is an incredibly powerful team but The Bar is no slouch in that area either so this could be kind of fun.  My hope is that this’ll be a really good match because AOP really needs one of those on the main roster.  They also really need a credible win so…



Queen Kendra:  I really hope that Big Show doesn’t squish Drake! Beyond that, this is the time for AOP to shine. They have been pushed as unstoppable, and unless Big Show or Drake cause a DQ, The Bar shouldn’t have a chance in this match. I will say that The Bar is one of the few teams that might have a chance to beat AOP in the future, but as of right now AOP need to win this one to show their dominance.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – AOP


Sovereign S.A.M.:  This is a match that I am looking forward too and it should be a hard hitting one. AOP are the only legitimate team on Raw so it made since for them to go against The Bar. The Bar are one of the best tag teams in WWE, so I fully expect them to get the best out of AOP in this match. The Bar can eat a loss and not be affected by it while a loss could do something to the newly crowned champions AOP. I will go with my gut on this one in what should be a fun and physical match.

The Winners – AOP!!


Duke Dre:  This has been a dream match up of mine ever since the AOP got called up to the main roster. This looks absolutely fantastic on paper and I think it’s going to play out really well in the ring too.  This is going to be hard hitting and physical. As good ol’ JR would put it, this one will be a slobber knocker. This will be like The Dudley Boyz vs The APA in brutality but with better workrate. I’m going with the AOP here, a win over the Bar is just what they need to really establish them as the dominate force of the tag division.

The Winners – AOP


Magnate Mat:  So, the RAW tag division has kind of been a prop lately, with the titles moving between Rollins/Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, all performers meant for bigger and better things. While AOP getting the tag belts seemed random, it also might be the best thing for the tag scene on RAW as they can focus on actual teams. Cesaro and Sheamus are easily one of the best tag teams in WWE in this era and going toe to toe with performers that can match their power is certainly going to be a fun watch

The Winners – The Bar

Raw Tag Team Champions AOP (Akam & Rezar) w/ Drake Maverick vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) w/ Big Show

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Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

Baron Botch:  Great though this match absolutely can and should be, I don’t think it’ll get the time that it’d get on a proper episode of “205 Live”.  Mustafa Ali is one of my favorites on “205 Live” and I’m more a fan of Sir Mitch…I mean Buddy Murphy…than I ever thought I would be.  If they really let this match go like they should, it could absolutely steal the night with little difficulty…but they won’t.  Is it time for Mustafa to take the title?  I kinda think it is!



Queen Kendra:  I’ve been a huge Ali fan since word go. He’s impressed me in the ring all along and I think he’d be a great Cruiserweight Champion. I know Murphy is a really strong competitor, but I have to go with my heart on this one.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Mustafa Ali


Sovereign S.A.M.:  I am all for the Cruiserweight title being defended on PPV, but it does feel out of place in the brand warfare PPV that is Survivor Series. Buddy Murphy has found new life on 205 Live and Ali has been one of the highlights of 205 Live since the beginning. I have no idea how much time they will give these two, but this should be an excellent match. If Murphy hadn’t just won the title, I would say this was a coin flip.



Duke Dre:  I’m really glad this match found it’s way into the main card of Survivor Series. Both of these guys are fantastic in the ring so I’m happy both guys will be able to earn a few extra dollars performing on the actual Survivor Series card instead of the preshow. I expect Buddy to retain his title here in a really fun back and forth match.

The Winner – Buddy Murphy


Magnate Mat:  Buddy Murphy is a great story that no one really pays attention to. Languishing for a bit after his NXT Tag Team broke up, repackaged he showed up on 205 Live. Fashioning himself as the “Juggernaut” of the CW Division, Murphy and former champ Cedric Alexander went at each other for the better part of 8 months. Buddy would claim the Cruiserweight strap at Super Showdown in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile Mustafa Ali, recently returned from an undisclosed injury has set his sights on said title.

The Winner AND STILL your Cruiserweight Champion – Buddy Murphy

Cruiserweight Championship Match - Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali

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