James Ellsworth Facing Serious Accusations

It would look as though James Ellsworth has done something that should be a career ender. Ellsworth has been accused of sending lewd and sexually explicit images/videos to a 16-year-old fan through the app Snapchat. The user on Twitter is known as Kenzie and goes by the Twitter handle of @KliqKid and she states that she sent him a DM on Twitter to wish him good luck in his match tonight. He then proceeded to ask her for her Snapchat name and would then proceed to send her the lewd and sexually explicit material and she shared her experience on Twitter. You can see her statement in the tweet below.

Ellsworth’s attorney took to Twitter to release a statement on his behalf and that tweet is available below.

Ellsworth was due to defend his intergender championship tonight for Big Time Pro Wrestling in Raleigh, North Carolina but when he arrived he was told to leave. He was also fired from the popular Youtube show Grim’s Toy Show and the GTS Wrestling promotion amid these allegations. Grim confirmed that news via Twitter and that tweet can be seen below.

The website Ringside News was able to reach the victim Kenzie for her reaction to Ellsworth denying the claims and she said, “He is a celebrity, so obviously he’s going to bring an attorney into this, but my family and I are considering pressing charges.”


S.A.M.’s Spiel: There is a lot to unpack here and the biggest is that Ellsworth’s career should be over after all this. He should see jail time for this as well and this type of thing just disgusts me. Nobody should ever be the recipient of such unwanted images and videos. I know there will be people who defend him because that always happens in these types of situations, but she has provided evidence and I hope she gets the justice for what he has done to her. It is scenarios like this that have brought about the strength of the #MeToo movement as we will not tolerate this type of behavior any longer.