Jim Ross Takes Serious Fall (Graphic)

Jim Ross took quite a digger last night leaving him quite banged up, but it’s not stopping him from persevering, as he always does.  He’s given no details about what happened, but it’s not keeping him from attending the Sooners game tonight!





QD – It kills me to see the voice of the WWE getting old like this.  It seems as though the world is against JR at every turn.  He’s had a roller coaster of a career, both good and being screwed by the WWE after working his way up through the ranks in the industry as a whole.  He works so hard and loves the industry so much, but with the Bell’s Palsey, the way he’s been treated on-air by Vince McMahon, the horrible way his wife passed, it seems as though he cannot get out from behind the eight ball.  On the other hand, he’s someone to look up to and love for how he perseveres and keeps going through everything that happens to him.  I love JR and have loved JR since I first heard him.