Don’t Touch Me!

If you didn’t believe in the female superstars before Survivor Series, you should now. The reactions from the fans and the work in the ring proved that these women work as hard as the men. Speaking of the men, the smaller men, they need to be back on Raw and not delegated only to their own show, because they almost stole Survivor Series, or would have if not for Charlotte and Ronda. Read on for my reactions to Survivor Series.


Loaded Gun

I loved how New Day started this match by being themselves and introducing each team on their collective Team SD. I was actually quite surprised at the heat from the fans for Raw! I think Woods was a bit surprised too, but it showed just how strong Woods is on mic, and that he’s not afraid to run with it for the enjoyment of the fans. Too many young superstars would be afraid to be yelled at by McMahon after the segment to really work the fans the way Woods did there. More superstars should look to New Day on how to get over, because they are proof that letting your personality show through will help get you over with the fans, and McMahon – sometimes!

Dang! Woods is stronger than I thought he was! Lifting Big E the way he did was amazing! I so loved the interaction between The Good Brothers and Lucha House Party! They looked great in there together, but the fans didn’t like them eliminating The Good Brothers at all. The fans in attendance really seem hot tonight, fingers crossed that they stay engaged.

To be honest, I was most impressed with the Usos, New Day, and Glorious Gable were the teams who stole this match for me. The first half of the match wasn’t great, but then those three teams got into it and they were strong, engaging, charming, fun, and totally killed it. That being said, when they were outside the ring, Big E looked as though he was more than done catching flying bodies, as most everyone landed on him directly. They were killing it, but then it came down to Revival and Usos? Usos make sense, but Revival are just so bloody boring on the main roster! Well, other than this match, they impressed me working with the Usos. I’m actually rather blown away by Revival here and will be watching them more closely as I expect them to be pushed lasting as long as they did here. One last thing, I loved that the Usos did their cousin’s loaded gun motion. It was incredibly sweet, and I know it has to mean a lot to Joe.


Nuclear Heat

Carmella eliminated Tamina? That’s so not cool. I get Tamina taking out Naomi, but not Carmella taking out Tamina! I was kinda of impressed by Mandy’s knee to Nia’s face. I’ve really not been impressed by Mandy, even though others say she’s better than just an average blonde. She further impressed me in the ring with Mickie. I know the sexist way Graves talks about Mandy doesn’t help her for me, but I will start watching her more closely from here on out.

Carmella is more hair than anything in this match. She worked hard and looked great, but so much hair. I love seeing some of these women who don’t have extensions and/or put their hair up for matches, especially big matches like this one. I get annoyed when my hair gets caught in the car window or seatbelt, I cannot imagine how they work the ring with their hair everywhere.

The greatest thing in this match, sorry ladies who worked so hard, was the heat for Nia. That was unexpected and so beautiful! Nia worked the heat as much as she could and let the fans hate on her in a huge way. Her turn on Raw was great, but the fans at Survivor Series made it into something downright beautiful! After Nia’s heat was Sonya and the work to end this match. I’ve liked Sonya all along, but she really showed some heart and strength in this match. Then there was the work between Asuka and Sasha. They gave us a great one on one clinic until Nia screwed over Sasha to win for Raw.


Not So Much

I hadn’t realized how much red Nakamura wears until I saw him in blue. It’s strange to see him in blue, and have to say that if they’re not going to do anything with him on SD, then maybe he should drop the strap that he barely defends and send him to Raw. That being said, I have no clue why Nakamura was booked to be in control for so much of the match. I know it’s good for Rollins to have to come back from all that, but it wasn’t believable that Nakamura could do that to one of the best wrestlers on the Raw roster. If Nakamura hadn’t been so badly booked for so long I might have believed it, but not after the year he’s had.

I’m sure I’ll catch crap for this, but I wasn’t overly impressed with this match. Nakamura has been booked so badly on SD I didn’t buy this match. I know they worked hard in there, but I couldn’t suspend my disbelief for Nakamura because of what the WWE has done to him. Or, should I say what McMahon has done to him?


Wrong Show

I love Strowman on mic here, especially in how he addressed Balor. It was kinda adorable, but was R-Truth who made the segment great. Actually, I give props to Ziggler too, he played his confusion to the fullest! Oh, I cannot forget McIntyre. That man has grown so much since his first run in the WWE and I cannot wait for him and Strowman to battle for the Universal Championship after they get it off the lack of appearing or caring Brock Lesnar.

I’m a huge Cesaro fan, and don’t dislike Sheamus. AOP have really impressed since they debuted on NXT. That being said, I had nothing invested in this match. This is exactly the issue with the WWE not creating any tension for these matches. They did nothing to build for Survivor Series, beyond Becky/Ronda and it’s showing in the matches. Second match in a row that I have little interest in. I truly expect more from the WWE, but they dropped the ball with the second longest running WWE PPV. Sadly the best part of this match was Big Show on Spud, making him pee himself. Big Show’s reaction made my night.


Got Air?

I know I need to watch more “205 Live”, but I was so burnt out on how they were treated on Raw before they were split off on their own. They were treated so badly and not given any character development or storylines. It’s more than time I pull my head out and start tuning in. honestly, I’ve been watching 1997 WCW and loving all the cruiserweight work from the luchas who so dominated, and the rest of the Cruiserweight Division on Nitro who were the meat and potatoes carrying the show when nWo was such a cluster. Murphy and Ali worked this match as well, if not better than the best of what we saw in WCW, and that’s saying something as some of the top guys of the WCW Cruiserweight Division became the top superstars in the WWE, carrying the big belts. I’ve been a fan of Ali’s since he first debuted with the WWE, and Murphy is sick in the ring. They left it all out there as only cruiserweights can. The moves, the high flying, the air Ali got when he was scarily flying backward. So much of what they did, the creativity of it, are things we don’t see on Raw and SD, and that’s sad. Being stuck on their own show leaves them unnoticed by so many, but after this stellar match, I hope that more fans, myself included, tune in weekly and bring the viewership number of “205 Live” up in a noticeable way.


Miz Screws Shane?

A couple of my medieval friends stopped in at the start of this match to pick up their son who spent the day with Sam. My friend Sara watched this match with me and asked so many questions as she’s not watched since before nWo, yes, we are old. Anyway, her first seeing much of it was me cussing aloud when Joe was pinned so quickly. I hope he’s not injured, but I also thought it was crap that he was eliminated first until I saw the entire storyline of the match, and I was blown away by how it all went down. Miz throwing Shane at all the big moves, as I saw it was his way of getting back at Shane for the whole Crown Jewel thing, something I didn’t see coming but worked really well in the whole storyline of the match. What I don’t get is why Miz blamed their loss on Jeff and Rey in a video on the WWE app after the show. He gave Joe a break for the fluke, beyond that he blamed it all on Bryan’s picks – Rey and Jeff, even though he has reason to be pissed at Shane and seemed to be trying to destroy him through the whole match. The whole thing was fun, but looking back now seems really confusing, especially if we don’t know about his future against Bryan and whether Miz is heel or face right now.


Don’t Touch Me!

Early in the match, Botch was talking about how sloppy this match was. I get that it was sloppy, but it was also gritty, hard-hitting, stiff, and one of the best matches we’ve seen in a long time, from anyone on the main roster (notice I didn’t include NXT in there). These two women kicked each other’s asses and left every bit of themselves in that ring. Beyond being physically beaten, they were both emotionally destroyed. Botch said that Ronda was playing her character when she snapped at the refs to not touch her as she was getting out of the ring, but to me that seemed very Ronda. Further, the look in her eyes, on her face, when the fans chanted, “You deserve it!” meaning that she deserved the beating, was haunting. She looked truly hurt that they were chanting that at her. Now, we all know that they’re playing characters, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what is in character and what is the person inside the character. Ronda hasn’t been in the WWE very long, though she’s worked hard through the years to protect herself emotionally, from everything she’s said about her past. It’s like the look the Bellas gave each other when Ronda commented on Cena throwing Nikki out that same bedroom door. There was a bit more honesty in there that just character.

This match, if you’ve not seen it, then go watch it, because it’s amazing. Now, we have been hoping for some of these women to main event PPVs, especially WrestleMania. This match could be exactly what the women needed to main event the big shows. They have proven before this that they could do it, this match proved that they could do it at WrestleMania. This match should have been the main event of Survivor Series, but since they screwed that up, these women proved that McMahon screwed up and better pull his head out before booking WrestleMania.



I begged all the writers backstage at WR to write this match for me. Botch said he wrote the NXT Afterglow and didn’t want to hog this. Mitch hadn’t had a chance to watch yet. Everyone else stayed quiet. I threatened to assign everyone horrible articles to write with insane deadlines, no one believed me. I guess I’ve been too soft on them. Personally I think that’s mutiny and I should make them all walk the plank.

Okay, we all know I’m not a BL fan, to put it mildly. He needs to leave the WWE and all the gold alone. He’s only there for the money, is dangerous in the ring, and shouldn’t hold a strap when he’s barely ever there. Putting Bryan in the ring with BL was daft as BL isn’t safe in the ring and we just got Bryan back after not thinking we’d ever see him in the ring again. Now, I get the story of the match but I loathe seeing anyone tossed around the ring the way BL did with Bryan here. I did like that Bryan was able to come back and really take it to BL, and it made the match worth watching for most people. That being said, BL isn’t a WWE superstar, he’s a part-timer who can barely be bothered to care about anything but himself and the money he’s making and should just go back to MMA, because, at this point, I cannot think of any fan who is happy to see BL on the WWE, especially with a strap that has ended up worth nothing because it’s been away from the WWE more than it’s been on or defended. It’s time to bring back the big gold belt, because that holds more clout than the Universal Championship at this point – all because of BL.


Final Glow

A friend of mine, Natalie, asked me how the show was. This is my exact response, with the cuss words removed. “60% good, 30% amazing, 10% BL needs to go the bleep away to MMA or jump off a bridge, I don’t honestly care as long as he never steps into a bleeping WWE ring ever again.” Now, Natalie is another friend who used to watch wrestling back in the day and has started watching again, when she gets a chance as she doesn’t have cable at her home. She’s heard me kvetch enough about BL to know exactly how I feel about the man, but I didn’t have a chance to explain the amazing to her. For me the amazing was the Cruiserweight Match and Ronda versus Charlotte. I plan on showing her those matches the next time she’s visiting because I know she will love them both as much as I do, as much as most of the WRC did.

Queen KB