Enzo Amore Ejected from Staples Center During “Survivor Series”

The artist formerly known as Enzo Amore (now going by Real1 or Nzo) was seen sitting in the second row of the Staples Center during last night’s Survivor Series.  During the match between AOP and The Bar, Enzo (real name Eric Arndt) decided to make a scene.  Here’s the best video of it we could find – courtesy of Lee Shenker:

As you can see, Staples Center security didn’t let his disruption go on for very long and quickly removed him from the Staples Center.  Because of his disruption, he has also been banned from attending any future events there.


Botch Take:  What a completely stupid thing to do.  I was an Enzo fan but it’s pretty easily-understood why WWE chose to release him.  Those tickets couldn’t have been cheap either and he completely wasted the cash.  Still, he did get a lot of attention and given the fact that he has a brand new album out, maybe he was operating under the premise that “no press is bad press”.  We’ll soon see if he was right.