Monday Night Raw (11/19/18)

Raw Results

Corbin and Steph in the ring.  Strowman out to demand his matches as Corbin wants his job to be permanent.  Steph makes their Match for TLC.  Corbin wins and he keeps his job, loses and he loses his job.  Steph then makes a Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match to start next.

Elias on mic before the tag match starts.

Balor & Elias were both eliminated, then Lashley, Corbin, and McIntyre beat down Strowman and destroys him in and out of the ring.

Rollins in the ring talking about Ambrose.  Ambrose backstage says he’s not insane, they have to pay back all the bad things they did when the cameras were not rolling, as they were bad people.  Ambrose even said that’s why Reigns isn’t around right now!  Rollins went back to find Ambrose and ended up beating up some indie guys.

Tamina & Nia defeat Sasha & Bayley

Charly was supposed to interview someone, but Ambrose appears on the screen behind her and says Rollins should find him, he’s right where Shield used to hang out.  He then appears to enter the stairwell.

Rollins enters the stairwell and there’s no Ambrose, but on the door in spraypaint is, “Burn it down”

In catering, Rhyno and Slater are behind Drake in line.  They are laughing about Drake peeing himself at Survivor Series.  Drake tries to get in Rhyno’s face, but he’s too short, so he gets into Gable’s face.  Roode then gets involved and the wordplay completely devolves before Drake stomps out.

Lucha House Party defeats Revival

Backstage Charly stops Rollins who is seething, not about what Ambrose said about The Shield, but for what he said about Reigns.  In the background, Titus said Ambrose just walked through there.  Rollins takes off again.

Ronda to the ring stating that she will find Charlotte and destroy her.  She’s not there to pose, hit her spots, but to show what a true champion really is.  Ronda takes off her jacket to show off her welts.  This is her on her worst day and if she can’t defend tonight, she shouldn’t be champion, send someone out.  Corbin comes out to heat.  He says her request is denied.  Ronda says he will find her a challenger or maybe he wants a shot at the champ?  Corbin agrees and says she will be the next Raw Women’s Champion.

Ronda defeats Mickie James

Roode & Gable defeat AOP

Ambrose talking smack somewhere backstage.  He really ripped on the fans in a huge way, then continued to verbally abuse Rollins.

Rollins is stopped as he leaves the arena.  He says he has a red eye and will face Ambrose at TLC.

Nattie defeats Ruby despite the help from the Riott Squad

Ambrose in the ring, so Rollins runs down and they fight until Ambrose takes Rollins down with dirty deeds.



Will Ronda Rousey keep pushin’ my love over the Borderline?

Will Braun Strowman continue Causing a Commotion?

Is Stephanie McMahon a Lucky Star?

Can Apollo Crews move quicker than a Ray of Light?

Does Baron Corbin only have Four Minutes to save the world?

None of these questions will be answered by either Madonna or by tonight’s episode of “Monday Night Raw”.