Was Enzo’s Staples Center Stunt Successful?

As nZo (his rap name) has a new album out and a show in LA this past weekend, he thought he’d try a publicity stunt to get people interested in both.  He bought a ticket to “Survivor Series” and laid low for a while.  When he figured the time was right (during the match between The Bar & AOP), he jumped up on his seat and caused a huge scene – getting people to chant along with him.  No sooner did it begin than Staples Center security brought it to an immediate end, yanking him off the chair he was standing on, ejecting him from the arena, and banning him from all future events at the venue.

So how did this all pan out for him?  Well…

While it’s unknown what impact his attention-seeking has had on album sales, we can tell you that it didn’t really work when it came to concert attendance.  His performance at the famed Whiskey a Go-Go was apparently greeted with an attendance total of roughly 35 people.  The club has a seating capacity of roughly 500 people so this came in well below expectations.  Here’s a tweet where someone took a head count:


Botch Take:  While I was likely one of the very few Enzo fans around here when he was wrestling, this is one stunt I definitely wasn’t a fan of.  It took the attention off of the athletes in the ring who were working very hard and that’s just not right.  I guarantee if it had been done to him, he would have hit the roof.  They were absolutely livid backstage and I don’t blame them.  That his concert was so lightly attended serves him right, honestly.  Let’s hope he finds more dignified means of self-promotion going forward.