We’re On The Eve Of Turkey Destruction!

I have to admit that I’m thrilled that SD Live is on Tuesday. I know it was on Friday for a while too, but Thursdays were killer this week each year. I’d have to either kick everyone out of the house or tell them to shove a sock in it so I could watch SD. Though there was the year that Ellie’s biological father came over and none of us really wanted him there, twenty minutes into SD he’d had enough. We all cheered when he rolled out of the driveway.


Gonna Play Flair And Square

Charlotte came to the ring in a black robe, darker ring garb, darker makeup, and a smirk on her face. Before she even said a word I read heel all over her. Then she started to talk and she wasn’t the girl next door and she wasn’t that screechy heel, she was Flair here and it was perfect. It’s as if she has finally figured out how to channel the best of her father’s mic work. Yes, she yelled a bit, but it wasn’t the screechy mess she used to be. No clue what changed, but she was amazing on Sunday night and she was amazing on mic here.

Paige, as always, was solid, but $100,000? So $20,000 per ref? A bit much for my taste, but they had to make it look good. I honestly was more worried about Charlotte actually being fined for natural selection on the chair, but I guess they didn’t think of that as a chair shot to the head, for some reason.

IIconics? I’d love to see Charlotte completely destroy Billie Kay, but I’ve never liked her. At least Peyton is less screechy, can actually work the ring to some extent, and is able to give us facial expressions, rather than the frozen face Billie Kay usually has.


One Down…

Even with Peyton’s help, Billie Kay didn’t have a chance against Charlotte. I don’t think anyone is going to have much of a chance against Charlotte for a while. Quick and over, but that’s because, from what I’ve seen, Billie Kay cannot work the ring to save her bum!


…And One To Go

I love that Peyton didn’t want to get into the ring with Charlotte. She knew she didn’t have a chance, even being the better of the IIconics in the ring. Heck, Peyton is the best IIconic all the way around, though that’s not saying much with Billie Kay on the team!

Honestly, I don’t believe the two of them could beat up Charlotte. After what she went through with Ronda, these two are absolutely nothing! The post-match was better than the actual matches, by leaps and bounds, and has almost nothing to with the fact that the majority of the actual match was split-screen during commercial.



Rey reading off the cue cards looked that much worse with his contacts in. You could see his eyes reading the words and it was so distracting that I didn’t even really know what he said, other than something about Orton.


Miz TV

At Survivor Series I really thought Miz was putting Shane through the wringer because of Crown Jewel, but now all of this and I’m so confused! I know Miz is face-ish right now, but the love on a very hurting Shane really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me unless he’s going to turn on Shane at some point, but I really thought that Miz and Bryan would be fighting over the strap. Who knows, maybe Miz will continue reaching goals and will win the Royal Rumble Match to go to WrestleMania and face Bryan. I’d be thrilled to see that.


Bryant Bros Win!

Yep, revenge of the jobbers! No clue how that tiny guy beat Miz, other than the script and Road Dogg stating that wins and losses don’t matter. Honestly, I think it was hysterical and Miz sold it beautifully, even though he lost to a scrawny indie guy.

Botch sent me more info and here’s what he said:

Botch:  The indie guys in the Shane/Miz tag match are Eli Everly and Keita Murray and both of them are great. They are a riot on the indie scene. “All That” Keita Murray uses orange soda the way Popeye uses spinach, it has to be seen to be believed.

I’m a bit old for the whole “All That thing”, but I remember the orange soda obsession and love the idea of a wrestler using it like Popeye’s spinach – so creative! So go find videos of these guys, and let’s hope that this isn’t the last time we see these little guys in the WWE. If they’re as good as Botch says they are, they’d be a great addition to 205 Live.


Gobbledegooker Really Is R-Truth!

In the DD, Asukalanchian said R-Truth is a national treasure, and I have to agree. I’m really bummed about the years between Little Jimmy and his recent resurgence on SD. He’s great with Carmella and with anyone else he’s around, but he’s not been used enough. Further, R-Truth pulls off the “comedy guy” routine exactly as it should be executed: in tiny increments. They are using R-Truth wonderfully and the majority of the fans are loving it. I’m thrilled for whoever read my articles and said they figured out for themselves how to use R-Truth and his comic stylings.



As always, New Day was a blast on mic. I honestly have no clue how Sir Mitch Buddy Murphy doesn’t love them but to each their own. Even better was Woods’ shirt with 1-6. That the WWE is completely ignoring the great work those tag teams did in the Kick Off annoys the heck out of me. That was one of the better matches of the show. The way the WWE handles things like this pisses me off to no end. Beyond that, if I had a creepy uncle, I’d so toss food at him, but I’ve only ever had one uncle and he was amazing before he passed a few years back. I was known to throw food at my creepy brother when he was around.


Gobble Gobble

Big E with his fist in the turkey was hysterical! I also enjoyed Big E being pushed back through a table covered in food, as well as Sheamus pushed back through a table of food. They didn’t really go overboard with the food until the end, and honestly, I’d rather see a food fight like this than the women dressed in very little throwing around food the way they used to. That was an overly-sexualized mess, while this was an immature silly mess. Much better direction for the WWE all the way around.


Scooby Dooby Doo

Orton was so much better there than Rey was in his segment. I cannot believe I’m saying Mr. Roboto was better in a promo, but after the cue cards, this was lovely. I have no clue about the title for this segment, it’s what came to mind, so I ran with it.


Tap Tap Tap

Is it just me or does it seem like the women are supposed to tap out against themselves, compared to men who tap out anywhere? Think about it, if the woman in a hold can tap on her body, she does. In this match, Sonya started to tap on the mat but then moved her hand to tap on herself, or maybe Asuka’s arm. I have noticed it a lot recently, but when Sonya started tapping on the mat then moved her hand I had to wonder if there was something specific going on there. Does anyone have a clue? Thoughts?

I love that Naomi’s ring gear is particolored (medieval for opposite colors on opposite sides of garb). She matches Asuka so much better this way. I’m hoping that they are building toward a Women’s Tag Team Championship with these two facing off against Nia and Tamina. Just a thought as they are really are two of the strongest women on the roster and need a direction to go other than being basic mid-card wrestlers.


The “YES!” Movement Is Dead!

Bryan came out in jeans, a gray t-shirt, brown flannel, and brown Mr. Rodger’s sweater and cut the best 3rd person promo since Rocky in his prime! This was one of Bryan’s best promos, and that’s saying something because Bryan is almost always great on mic. What a beautiful segment, to the point that there’s not much I can say other than to go watch it because I cannot say enough about it. If you’ve not seen it, go watch it. If you have seen it, go watch it again, because it’s that good.


Final Flush

It was discussed in the DD and I have to agree, Raw was better than SD this week. With four full shows four days in a row, one of them had to be not as great as the rest, and I’m okay with it being SD as SD is usually better than Raw. That being said, the opening and closing segments garnered my (almost) highest scores. I know that Charlotte and Bryan will give us more greatness on mic, something that will completely blow those segments out of the water. Some might say that’s not enough of a reason to not give them five crowns, but I’m reserving my best of the best for what I know is coming. After the greatness Charlotte and Ronda gave us Sunday night, which did get five crowns, I know there’s more to come that will leave us in awe, so I’m holding back a tiny bit. I cannot wait to see what comes next from those two!

Queen KB