I Wanna Kick That Dafty’s Head Off

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching one with another “Pickup”.  I want to talk about the commentators first as I rarely do.  Can I just say what a fan of Vic Joseph I’ve become?  He’s really good – far better than Mauro Ranallo – and I was really enjoying him on NXT just as I enjoy him on this show.  It’s a shame that’s over.  Hopefully, WWE is noticing just how good he is and he’ll get more to do as time goes on.

Nigel is really good too.  He’s fun when he ramps up but he adds some nice heel-ness to the team.  Even Percy has picked up nicely.  He still has a bit to go in terms of being really good but he’s definitely getting there and I do like his style.

Promo de Ramp – Buddy Murphy

So “You can’t stop the unstoppable” is going to be a thing.  That works for him. He gloated fairly well here.


Tony Nese vs. Noam Dar

So the proverbial Reese’s Pieces are being laid concerning the breakdown of Nese’s and Murphy’s “friendship”.  Got it.  In order for it to break down, they’d have to turn Nese face but, to be frank, Nese is boring so it’ll be pretty hard for WWE to make me care about Nese as a face.  All they can ever talk about is Nese’s physique.  He’s giving us nothing else and that conversation is completely boring now.  He needs to give us more in terms of personality (he’s certainly got the ring work) and he’s just not doing it.

Noam, on the other hand, is full of personality and I really like him.  This was more of a chess match than we’re used to on this show and I like it.  It was more “who can outthink the other” than about incredible movement – though the work was there.  The distraction spot with Noam looking at Murphy was a bit unrealistic as Noam looked at Murphy for a long time before Nese attacked.  Not a great ending to a good match.


Cinéma de Backstage – Mustafa Ali

His promos work as well as they do because they feel so real.  The problem is that they’re beginning to get repetitive.  He’s said all of this before and this promo didn’t move him forward in the least bit.  He did it well so it’s not his fault but the content just meant nothing.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick & Cedric Alexander

Drake is great and Cedric is vanilla.  He came out and asked what the convo with the ref was about and Drake said “nothing to concern yourself about” and Cedric didn’t even react – not a tinge of anything.  He then said in regards to beating Lio Rush last week, “the fact that it came at the expense of Lio Rush puts a big smile on my face” but he gave little indication of a smile.  These instances signify the problem with Cedric.  He just won’t give us anything.  His ring work is outstanding but this isn’t AWA; the man has to act.  He can’t do it.  Given that I have been and still am a huge fan of Cedric, this is disheartening for me.


Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick vs. Fidel Bravo & ??

There seems to be a pattern forming here.  This is the second week that we’ve had indie workers being used whose names aren’t mentioned.  I don’t want to draw any conclusions.  I’ll only say that it’s a real shame for these guys that their names (even though they’re work names) aren’t mentioned.  I only know the one worker because he worked NXT this week as well – facing off against Keith Lee.  They both deserve better than that.  They sold very well here and were good foils for Tozawa and Kendrick.  A little recognition would be nice.

Akira is “205 Live”‘s greatest tragedy.  On top of having a really poor theme, he was completely over with the crowd and then quickly buried.  Maybe something can happen here for him again but I’m not optimistic.  The story here is that Tozawa and Kendrick are now on the same page after last week’s miscalculation.  The end where Tozawa tries to get Kendrick to do his chant was pretty funny too.

Gallagher & Gulak’s promo in the back was really fun.  They are the true target of Kendrick and Tozawa’s anger and they’ll get theirs soon.


Backstage segment – Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese

This was good when Buddy was talking.  Nese took forever after Buddy walked away to say, “C’mon Dasha, you’re better than that”.  The pause was all wrong and it killed what Nese had to say.


Gran Metalik (w/ Kalisto & Lince Dorado of the Lucha House Party) vs. TJP (w/ Mike & Maria Kanellis)…kinda

The accompanying individuals were quickly ejected from the ring leaving only Gran Metalik and TJP in the ring.  It was nice to see them all for a second.  This one got a solid eleven minutes and they used it.  Regardless of what I may think of the well-overexposed Lucha House Party, each one of them can go and TJP is definitely a beast.

This match was really good.  Metalik’s Hurricanrana on TJP onto the floor was just amazing!  The action really didn’t quit here and I loved it.  They went back and forth like madmen.  Even Penelope (that insipid Piñata) got involved and it was Penelope that essentially cost TJP the match because he became too involved with it.

Maria losing her mind at the end of the match as a distraction to Drake for Mike to attack the Lucha House Party was just perfect.  She is golden and I’m so glad she’s back on my TV screen again.  She’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see where this goes.


So ends another fun episode of “205 Live” and, with it, another Pickup.  Join us against next week!