NXT:UK Will Have it’s Own TakeOver In UK (UPDATE)

Triple H has officially announced that an NXT:UK will have it’s own TakeOver special.  It will take place in the UK, just one week before NXT TakeOver in Phoenix, Arizona.  NXT will be in Blackpool on January 12 and 13.  The NXT TakeOver on January 12 will be the first of its type from the UK.


UPDATE:  The event is already sold out:


QD – I’m so excited!  Trip has been proving over and over that he really is the wrestling genius that the WWE needs.  He created something truly special with NXT which only gets better as time goes along.  Between the superstars he brings in, the characters produced, and the magic of each and every show they put on, NXT is a force to be reckoned with, even though McMahon has done almost everything in his power to destroy the superstars, hype, and greatness that Trip has built each time one of the wrestlers is called up to the main roster.