The Correlation Between NXT/WWE and NCAA/Pro Sports

A lot of people are scared of the thought of their favorites from NXT getting called up to the main roster only to get lost in the shuffle. That’s most certainly a valid concern. It’s a concern I share over some of my favorite NXT stars at the moment right now like Velveteen Dream, The Street Profits, Johnny Gargano, Ricochet, Aleister Black and Bianca Belair. If I’m looking at it realistically, most the people I named won’t get the rocket strap on the main roster that they’re enjoying now.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always viewed NXT as a minor league farm system or the NCAA to the WWE. Like in real sports, some guys dominate at the collegiate level then when they get drafted to the pros don’t pan out. This actually happens more often then not in sports. That best comparisons I can make with NXT would be wrestlers like Bayley, Roode, Ascension etc etc.  On the flip side, you have people who dominate on both the collegiate and pro level and in the WWE world that would be people like Seth Rollins, Charlotte

Then, you have your hidden gems, the ones that fly under the radar in college and get drafted in later rounds only to bloom and do great things at the pro level. In NXT that would be people like Reigns, Bliss etc etc.

Then, there are those like Nakamura, Asuka, Elias etc etc who are right on the cusp of really breaking through but haven’t quite yet. Maybe they don’t become mainstays in the main event and end up becoming upper midcard gate keepers instead, that’s still far from being a bust. Most guys make great careers out of being in those types of spots so there’s no shame in that.

My point is while it would be great for everybody in NXT to receive the same type of push on the main roster they got in NXT it’s just not mathematically possible. There are only so many top spots on the roster, And this holds true in sports. Not everybody can be a first ballot Hall Of Famer, not everybody can be a starter. And I take that same approach with wrestling. The big fish in the small pond doesn’t always end up being the big fish in the lake or the Ocean.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.