The Night The Music Died

Well last week felt like a rarity for Raw because we actually had a solid episode. So, the big question is, “would Raw be good this week or fall back to its normal pattern?” and if I were to be honest, this Raw stunk up the joint. I have no idea how this Raw could have been so bad, but it truly was. So without further ado, let’s dive in to Raw.


Opening Segment

Raw started off quite well with Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre in the ring and it would appear that these men will be the top heel faction on Raw. They each did well with their mic work in this promo and I will say that Drew McIntyre is just oozing charisma and the feeling that he is ready to be the top guy. He has truly tapped into all that potential that was there in his first run with WWE. Then the lights when out and I thought it would be Bray Wyatt, but we were greeted with someone better by the name of Elias. Elias is over like rover and he continues to show each week why I believe he is in for a big 2019. The only bad thing about this opener is how it ended but it just simply did that, end. It was very much like the series finale to the Sopranos where the screen just went black and you were left wondering. This led to a match between Lashley and Elias so let us see what that match brought us.


Elias vs Lashley

We have seen these two square off before and they have good chemistry with one another. This was a good match that saw the General Manager Elect Baron Corbin use his power to turn this into a No DQ match and that led to Lashley, McIntyre and Corbin to lay a beating on Elias. Elias is the right face to take this beating since he is growing in his popularity as a babyface and this will just get the crowd behind him even more. These three are vicious in these three-on-one scenarios and Lashley would pick up the win in a nice opening to Raw.


General Manager Elect Backstage

This was a nice segment backstage after the match to have Corbin really show his use of power. He fired a random person and appointed Alexa Bliss as the head of the women’s division. I get the feeling that if Alexa is truly unable to compete in the ring anymore like the rumors are speculating that she is going to be the one to usurp power away from Corbin. I am excited to see what Alexa can do in an authority role and this was a fine segment overall.


Ambrose Gets His Shots

Ambrose is great at promos and this was a fairly decent one. Some of the things he said had me scratching my head in the wrong way though because they are really trying to get that stench line over and it is falling flat to me. I think the only thing missing from this was the doctor offering Ambrose a lollipop. The other great thing about this is that is led to Corey trying to get information from Renee and she is clearly close to her breaking point and I can’t wait for her to snap back in a real way.


Lucha Heel Party vs The Revival

It was at this point where Raw started to go downhill for me and I am already tired of the Lucha House Party. This program with the Revival makes no sense because the LHP are the clear heels in this due to their “Lucha House Rules” giving them the unfair advantage. The Revival are the faces in this to me because they even point out how unfair it is for them. The match was fine, but I just cannot find much interest in going back to this for another week.


Boss Huggers Selling Merch

Even a commercial for Cyber Monday was fairly mundane on Raw. WWE has failed both Sasha and Bayley and this further showed it. Usually the superstars look like they are having fun in these, but I didn’t get that from these two. This looked more like a chore for them to do and this is just a shame.


Lars Sullivan Coming Soon…..

Now I am unsure as to whether this call up is too soon, but I have hope that Lars can do well on main. I do not think he is needed on Raw because they have too many monsters and Smackdown is the better place for him. Also, is could lead to a build for a “dream match” between him and Strowman if they are on different brands.


Nia Jax In-Ring

I just didn’t care for this Nia promo one bit. I do like that they are leaning in to her injuring Becky a-la Owen Hart and Stone Cold but there is just something about the way she is delivering the lines that throws me off. I don’t know what it is, but there is something off about it. Then we have Tamina who just looked so disinterested and bored throughout this. I think she felt like she was in for something more upon her return and instead she is just somebody’s muscle once again. Of course, Ronda Rousey had to make her way to the ring and the things she said were typical of her if you have seen her promos over the last couple of weeks. They were going to beat down Ronda and we were reminded that Natalya is her friend and she came down to the ring to help but the Riott Squad stopped her before she could. This was another segment that ended oddly because it felt like there was supposed to be something more, but it never happened. Also, Rousey’s music playing at the end made no sense as usually the person who stands tall has their music played and she didn’t stand tall here.


AOP vs Olympic Glory

Drake’s promo backstage prior to this match was probably the best one he has done for AOP since becoming their manager. I cannot believe that they are still running with this “pee pee” thing and this just screams Vince and his type of humor. All this does is bring down AOP when they should be just destroying the tag division on Raw. The match was okay at best and I really hate the state of the Raw tag division. They need some life shot into it because it is in dire need of something. AOP won and Drake peed on Roode’s robe. *sigh*


Boss Huggers and Alexa Backstage

This was a fine backstage segment to give us a tease to how Alexa is going to be as an authority figure and it was done well. The only thing that wasn’t good about this was the whole Q&A thing that was going to place later on because that has disaster possibility written all over it.


Finn Balor Backstage Promo

This was fine and did its job in establishing that Finn is not going to stand with Corbin. The problem? It totally lets the viewers know that Finn is in for something later on tonight.


Ember Moon vs Alicia Fox

WWE have done absolutely nothing with Ember Moon since her call-up and I have to feel sorry for her. She was on fire in NXT and she has been relegated to nothing on Raw. She hasn’t even had a singles match on pay-per-view and has been relegated to multi-woman matches on pay-per-views. This match was done to promote the Mixed Match Challenge and that is it. This match was the definition of something that you fast forward through and you don’t miss a thing.


No Way Jose (No seriously) vs Jinder Mahal

Looks like someone went to the storage locker of forgotten superstars and let No Way Jose out to play. This was a match that you would see on Main Event that took place on Raw and it was meh. M-E-H meh, and I have no idea what reason this was doing on Raw.


Seth Rollins Open Challenge

A lot of us in the DD were wondering who was going to answer Seth’s open challenge and we were left underwhelmed. Dolph ZIggler answered the call and we got another match between these two. The match was fine, but this is something we have seen countless times within the last two years, so this was nothing new. I think someone like Apollo Crews would have been a better fit because even the crowd wasn’t in to seeing Ziggler. I do think Ziggler is going to come back down the pecking order now that Drew is aligned with Corbin.


Boss & Hug Q&A

So, this segment happened and other than kill time, I have no idea why we needed this. Honestly there is nothing to say here other than this was done to fill time.


Balor vs Corbin Round I Lost Count

Now we finally are back to having something good on our screens. Finn is vastly underutilized though being involved in such a high-profile situation right now may lead to something. I know we have said that before but maybe there could be something to this. Corbin and Balor have had plenty of matches with each other, so it is no surprise that this was a good match. Of course, right when it looked like Finn was going to win Corbin had to change the rules in his favor. He turned it into a handicap match with McIntyre being his partner and Finn would get destroyed by the two men. Finn put up a fight, but the numbers were too much, and he suffered yet another loss. After the match, Lashley came down to the ring and the beat down started. All three men took their turns in beating up Finn and this was very effective. The trio, and Lio Rush, stood tall as Raw came to a close and it is clear that these are the top heels on Raw.


Final Statement

I usually go back and rewatch Raw to see if my initial thoughts on it are true and this Raw absolutely stunk and it is by far one of the worst Raws of the year. The opening and closing segments/matches were the highlights and everything else was skippable to downright horrible. The only other bright spot was that Alexa segment backstage with Sasha Banks and Bayley but even that led to nothing with that time filler of a Q&A. If you missed Raw you would be better off just finding the opening segment/match on Youtube along with closing match/segment cause this Raw was downright horrible. This is Sovereign S.A.M. and I will see you all next week for another Sovereign Statement.