Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One with another edition of “The Pickup” – our weekly “205 Live” review.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Noam Dar

One one hand, let’s be real here:  this is quite the demotion for Mike & Marie.  On the other hand, they’ve really made this work.  Marie, in particular, is fantastic slime, and this show could use a serious shot of personality.  She was really fun on commentary too.  The match was pretty fun too, though, like S.A.M., I’m quite sick of Lucha House Party.  They’re on “Raw” now too so I don’t really get a reprieve.  They’re phenomenal; they’re just completely overused.  They also sell merch so that’s why we get so much of them.  Of course, that feud has to continue so they had to come out for the distraction to let Dar get the win.


Backstage segment – Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher

These two are great together.  The worst part?  I can’t find that word they were using.  “Comerground”?  I looked up permutations of it and came up with nothing.  I’ve got a pretty healthy vocabulary but this one eludes me.  I’m so bothered by it that it’s the title of the blog…😂  If you know what that word really is, educate me.


Hideo Itami vs. Levy Cruise

So I confess that I had to do some research on Cruise.  He was trained by Ken Anderson’s “The Academy School of Professional Wrestling” in Minneapolis, MN and he’s also been featured as part of No Way Jose’s conga line.  I’m afraid that’s all I know.  Either way, as I always am, I’m glad he’s getting a minute on 205 Live – even if he’s just there to be decimated by Hideo.  As for Hideo, his “respect me” trip has gotten incredibly old and he needs another hook badly.  It also appears that his finisher has been modified and it’s not really the GTS anymore.  Given that it was legitimately hurting people when he’d do it, that’s no surprise.

Speaking of surprises, we finally get Ariya Daivari back after seven months.  I didn’t even know he was still employed by WWE anymore.  Of course, Daivari makes a reasonably effective heel so he’s still going to be one going forward.  Itami and Daivari appear to be aligned now.  Interesting.


Backstage segment – TJP, Drake Maverick, Maria, & Mike Kanellis

Drake is a rock star.  No, really, he is.  He went out there with AOP during a PPV and whizzed his pants.  There was a device that was supposed to produce the fake stuff but when it didn’t work, he had to do it himself so that was really his urine.  He went all out for that and it was an absolute riot.  The other Royals didn’t like it but I absolutely loved it.  Call me juvenile; I can take it.


Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs. Sir Mitch…ahem…Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese

These four can just flat-out go and we get them all together in the main event of the night.  What’s not to love.  Cedric, in particular, while being terrible on the mic, always shines in the ring.  The story of him “losing the plot” has been a good one and he’s played it in the ring to the hilt.  They continued to tell it here too.  The whatever-that-was at the turnbuckle was frightening to watch and Mustafa may have taken quite a nasty spill.  He was okay so no worries.  The Lumbar Check gave Cedric a nice pin over the Murphy so that wrinkle has also been added.  This was a very good match but it didn’t have the fire that most of the “205 Live” main events have.  That’s possibly just me but I really don’t think so.


Decent episode of “205 Live” that moves storylines subtly forward.  We also now have some real personality with Maria Kanellis.  We’ll see how all of this continues to play out next week.  You you then for another edition of “The Pickup”.