Xavier Woods Speaks About Pro Wrestling Fans

WWE superstar Xavier Woods recently did an interview with the Manilla Bulletin.  You can see it on their page (here).  In it, he talks about his grievances with the fans who take issue with the various facets of the product.  Have a look:

“When people talk about the difference between the organizations – not even organizations – between like NXT and the main roster. So when they say like, ‘Oh man! Takeover killed it. SummerSlam, this is gonna suck!’” Woods said during a press conference at Shari La Hotel, in Bonifacio Global City, the Philippines. “It’s on the same company. What is there to complain about?”

“You just got an awesome wrestling show on Saturday night, you just had an awesome wrestling show on Sunday, then you’re gonna watch Raw on Monday, and SmackDown on Tuesday, then NXT,” said the New Day member. “What are you complaining about?”

“And then like, you can watch New Japan. You can watch Triple A. You can watch so much wrestling from all corners of the world. And it’s all awesome and it’s all good. It’s all different guys and girls portraying their form of art that they love – that they wanna give to you.”

Woods revealed that as a performer, it’s painful for him be criticized when he gives it his maximum effort.

“So anytime anyone complains about wrestling it’s so annoying to me because people come off as these entitled infants,” Woods mentioned.

“Because in reality, wrestling hurts so bad. And then we’re hurting ourselves to entertain the masses. And sometimes the masses wanna tell us how much it sucks,” he ended.


Botch Take:  The commenter at the bottom of the article is completely right and spoke more eloquently than I likely will here.  Woods really doesn’t get it.  This has not one thing to do with what you do to your bodies for entertainment.  I have never been in a ring so I honestly can’t relate and writer who says they can is being disingenuous for the most part.  I appreciate all that they do though and I always will.  What we’re taking issue with his the lack of imaginative storytelling.  NXT is full of that; the main roster is almost completely starved in that regard.  It’s even the case for his very own team.  They put on great matches but where are the stories that motivate us to watch them?  They haven’t been in an interesting storyline?  They haven’t been in one in quite some time.  That could be said for most talent not named Becky Lynch.  On NXT, it’s quite different.  

Of course, as I’ve said before, NXT and the main roster programming aren’t intended for the same audience – just like NJPW, Triple A, MLW, ROH, or any of the other promotions are intended for exactly the same audience.  They all have their own flavor and their own fun to add to the party.  I agree with Woods here:  If you aren’t into one, watch another.  If you’re a fan of wrestling, you’re bound to like something.  Grab the remote or your laptop and choose your favorite.