Monday Night Raw (12/3/18)

Raw Results

Nia & Tamina with Riott Squad beatdown Ronda and Nattie in and out of the ring.

Backstage Ronda tends to Nattie who is in serious pain. Ronda demands help for Nattie, then flashes that scary pissed look of her’s.

Again Bliss’ Q& with Sasha and Bayley. They got through the segment, mentioning that their dream match is Trish & Lita at WM, and they want to be the first Women Tag Team Champions. Foxy, Dana, and Mickie rush out, but Bliss stops them from attacking and sets up a Tag Team Match between Baley & Sasha versus Foxy & Mickie with Dana ringside.

Lucha House Party defeats Dawson

Corbin awards McIntyre the Raw Gold Medal of Excellence in the ring. Ziggler out to complain, so Corbin puts them in a match together, now.

Ziggler defeats McIntyre with an assist by Balor!

Elias in the ring, but before he can sing Lio and Lashley to the stage talking smack. Elias goes after them, Lio flees and Lashley into the LED backboard. Balor throws Lio back up on the stage and Elias hits him across the back. Lio’s glasses explode off his face with the blow. Balor is all smiles.

Backstage Slater and Rhyno in to see Corbin. He said Raw can only afford one of them. One quits saving the job of the other, then they’re all set. Neither will do that, so they will fight it out in the ring.

AOP & Drake defeat Roode & Gable

Six men to the ring in gas masks, Ambrose follows them, also in a gas mask, but not dressed like The Shield, the way the six are. He talks smack to the fans, Rollins, and even Reigns as the fans chanted that they wanted him. Rollins music, but he attacks from behind. Ambrose with the upper hand and beats Rollins down, leaving him in a heap in the ring.

Nia intimidates Charly backstage, then talks down Ember Moon for tagging with Ronda.

Slater defeats Rhyno to keep his job on Raw.

Backstage Corbin gives Slater his new uniform. It’s black and white stripes. Corbin said Slater could do quite well as a ref as he’s not a competitor any longer.

Balor defeats Mahal after Crews takes out the Bollywood Boys.

Backstage Charly stops Balor to talk about what a great night he’s had. Before Balor says much he’s attacked from behind by McIntyre who really beats him down.