Dear Xavier Woods, Fans Are Complaining About Your Employer, Not You!

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To Xavier Woods And All Other Members Of WWE’s Main Roster:

Dear Mr. Woods, recently you gave an interview while on a press tour of Southeast Asia on behalf of WWE where you said some things about Pro Wrestling fans today that were honestly hurtful and completely untrue.

You labeled fans who are unhappy with WWE’s current product and chose to voice that unhappiness “entitled infants.” You stated you didn’t understand why fans complain about shows you perform on and you alluded that you take any criticism of a WWE show personally as you believe we do not appreciate just how difficult the life of a Pro Wrestler (or “Sports-Entertainer” as your employer would prefer you to be called) can be. This could not be further from the truth! 

While it is sadly true that there are a lot of jerks out there who for reasons beyond both our comprehension seem to believe they know more about the industry than you do and enjoy trying to tear you and your co-workers down on Twitter. These sad individuals do not actually represent the majority of fans who are currently voicing their displeasure at WWE’s current product.  

But clearly, there is a miscommunication here between what fans are saying and how you are interpreting it. So on behalf of all Pro Wrestling (or Sports-Entertainment) fans, let me see if I can’t clear all this up and hopefully provide you with a little perspective.  

The VAST Majority Of The Time Fans Are Criticising Management And Creative…NOT You Or Your Co-Workers!

I think the first thing that you misunderstand is that when fans watch a show, you have performed on and did not enjoy aspects or even the entirety of, 999 times out of 1,000 they are not chastising you or your efforts in your contribution to that show but rather how that show was promoted and booked.

I understand that it may not feel that way due to people being more likely to say “That New Day match sucked” as opposed to saying “I didn’t like the way that New Day match was set up over several weeks and then booked for this show.” But today’s social media and soundbite driven world sadly doesn’t put much emphases on articulation. And thus this is where you misunderstand what fans are trying to say. 

So when a fan says they didn’t enjoy a show you performed on, please don’t take it personally. Because in the end they are most likely criticizing something you have no control over and in fact probably have a great deal of sympathy for you being put in a position that only serves to undermine your talents.     

Most Fans Actually Feel Badly For Talents In WWE!

Mr. Woods, one thing you and I can for sure agree on is that WWE has probably the deepest roster of any promotion in history! The amount of unbelievably talented individuals currently under contract in some way shape or form is simply staggering. And yet, with the exceptions of NXT, 205 Live and any segment involving Becky Lynch…the current WWE product today is absolutely bloody awful! I’m sorry, but it really is. 

WWE programming today features a ridged, outdated and very predictable format that ensures only the least creative ideas make it to TV. As a result, we get nonsense like Drake Maverick urinating on Booby Roode’s robe in a segment that continues weeks of pee-related humor, not even a six-year-old wouldn’t find funny and matches we have seen dozens of times before like Rollins vs. Ziggler week in and week out. 

Plus, it is incredibly frustrating to see such talents like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks, Asuka, Shinsuke Nakamura who proved just how good they were in NXT be creatively stifled on the main roster by things like ridicules Q&A segments. Or worse, be used as cannon fodder to help your employers beloved pet projects and “part-time” employees “get over” with the audience based purely on the fact those individuals fit his narrow-minded and outdated archetype of what a “Superstar” should be. Namely, men who are tall and muscular or women who are pretty and blonde.

It’s incredibly frustrating to see such talented people be wasted in such a sad manner and we have a never-ending supply of sympathy for them. Especially when you consider the fact that equally talented people in other promotions don’t have to suffer such creative and professional disappointments and are currently innovating while getting paid handsomely to do so.           

With all this BS you and your co-workers put up with from your employer I have to ask you…doesn’t It upset you and your co-workers? Don’t you think you all deserve better? Because we, as fans sure think you do!

So instead of lashing out at fans, perhaps you could direct your frustrations at your employer and try to instigate some BADLY needed changes? Because not only do fans who pay their hard earned money for a night of entertainment deserve to be…well, entertained, all you hard working men and women who sacrifice your bodies and your personal lives for your craft deserve it even more!


Sir Mitch Says: Stay tuned to Wrestle Royalty this weekend for a new article also inspired by Xavier Wood’s recent comments where I present the idea that consumerism and mass consumption has begun to have a negative effect on the Pro Wrestling industry.