GOOD NEWS: Alexa Bliss cleared for In Ring Action.

Duke Dre

Alexa Bliss has been on the sidelines  due to concussions she suffered a couple months back taking her out of her scheduled tag match with Mickie James against Trish Stratus and Lita at Evolution. She also had been placed in a on-screen GM role on RAW as a way to keep her on TV.

Alexa recently sat down with retired WWE superstar and co-host of “Busted Open Radio”.  Mark Henry and revealed that she has been cleared for in-ring action.  Here’s what he had to say:

“I ran into a lot of people but the person who I was able to have a real ‘come to Jesus’ moment with was Alexa Bliss. A really good friend of mine, Chris Nowinski, you know we’ve talked to Chris before had concussion syndrome and actually had to stop wrestling because of it. I wanted to talk to her and see how she was.”

“We sat for like 15, 20 minutes and was like, yeah I was really bad off. I couldn’t remember where I was. I couldn’t remember what I was doing in the city. We were flying from London to Switzerland and she said ‘I couldn’t remember what flight or anything. I had to rely on everybody else telling me what to do. I couldn’t stand up straight, I had vertigo,’ I was like, ‘Wow.’ She was in a bad way.”

“Then she came back too soon, banged her head again and really was in a bad place. Now she’s fine, she’s cleared, we are very happy that she’s gonna be back in the fray. I just wanted to remind her who she was. Like, ‘Remember who you are, don’t go back too soon if you’re not ready. When you go back, Ronda’s great and Nia’s doing her thing, and Becky and Charlotte, but you are a major player, but remember when you come back remember who you are.”


Author’s Take: I can only imagine how scary it was for Alexa not to be able to recount or remember certain things when she was on the road. As a wrestling fan, I’m very relieved and happy that she’s now feeling 100% again. She’s been a large part of the women’s division the last few years and has played a very important role in the progress of the women’s revolution in wrestling. I look forward to seeing her compete again soon.