Smackdown Live! (12/4/18)




Smackdown Results:

Paige is in the ring as Smackdown comes on the air for the contract signing for the Women’s Title TLC match and she introduces Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Becky talks about how she makes history every day and that she has endured a lot to get to this point. Charlotte has some words for Becky and talks about how she beat down Ronda Rousey. Asuka interrupts Charlotte and has some words for the both of them and says Becky chose wrong for Survivor Series. Becky says she will beat them and signs the contract and walks off to the back. Charlotte and Asuka sign the contract and Asuka challenges Charlotte. Before Charlotte can answer, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville come out and interrupt. They both talk about how Charlotte and Asuka don’t deserve the match at TLC and Paige makes a tag team match between the four of them.

Shane McMahon is in his office and the Miz comes in and asks why he is hosting Miz TV with Daniel Bryan as his guest. Miz and Shane have a back and forth and Shane tells him that he is the only one who can get answers from Bryan. Miz agrees to that and walks off.

Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose def. Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Jey Uso def. Cesaro and Xavier Woods

Rusev is backstage for an interview and he talks about how Nakamura was afraid to face him last week and that is why he attacked him prior to their match. He goes on to talk about how he is coming back for the US Title and it will happen on Rusev Day!

The Miz is in the ring for Miz TV and is interrupted by R-Truth and Carmella and they do a dance break. After that, the Miz introduces Daniel Bryan and he makes his way down to the ring. The Miz talks about how he was right in doing whatever it takes to win and Daniel Bryan finally listened. Daniel Bryan then talks about how the fans are fickle and shuts down a “What?!” chant. Daniel Bryan goes off on the fans and the Miz talks about how Bryan talked about him as the bad guy when the Miz saw through Bryan. Bryan continues to berate the fans and that the “Yes Movement” is dead and calls the fans fickle. AJ Styles’ music hits and he comes down to the ring and attacks Bryan. The Miz gives AJ Styles a Skull Crashing Finale and Daniel Bryan makes his way up the ramp.

Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy due to a distraction from Samoa Joe on the tron. Joe is at a bar and continues to taunt Hardy after the match.

AJ Styles def. The Miz. After the match, Daniel Bryan attacks Styles and slams Styles’ leg against the ring post. He continues to work over Styles’ leg and puts him in a heel hook inside the ring and is separated by the referees. He then goes back and continues to attack Styles and poses on the announce table and gets on the mic and calls the crowd fickle. Styles is getting back to his feet in the ring and Bryan rushes in and places him in the heel hook again as Smackdown goes off the air.