Was That Too Polarizing for You?

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching one with “Pickup” covering this week’s “205 Live”.  This show can always be counted on for amazing ring work.  We’re even getting some decent storylines now too.  Let’s see how things progress.  Vic Joseph is becoming, sorry, Becky, “The Man” as far as commentators go.  He is great and he was exceptional when it came to subbing for Mauro on NXT.  Nigel and Percy  have gotten pretty darned good to so the team is pretty solid here.

I have to say that I really like Drake’s voiceover intros.  They’re great for storytelling and they get us ready for the week’s episode.  One could safely miss a couple of weeks and catch up, storyline wise, thanks to these.  You’ll still miss the ring work, though, so I’ll definitely be catching up – job or not.


Drew Gulak (w/ Gentleman Jack Gallagher) vs. The Brian Kendrick (w/ Akira Tozawa)

It’s so interesting watching Kendrick wrestle all “face”-ly.  I’m still getting used to it.  It doesn’t hurt him at all; it’s just different.  The back and forth was really fun here.  Of course, the feud couldn’t end on TV so there could be no clean winner.  This will definitely move this forward and it makes Gallagher look like compete slime.  They’ve done this very well as I can go along with the idea that Gallagher is now the heel while Kendrick is the face.  Well done!


Backstage segment – Mitchell…dang it, I did it again…Buddy Murphy & Drake Maverick

Buddy is doing this well and I’ve enjoyed his reign.  Drake is playing a totally different character in “205 Live” than the one we see on “Raw” so that’s a bit disconcerting but because he does them both so well, I’m okay to go with it.


Ariya Daivari vs. Clay Roberts

FYI.  They are in Houston this week and Clay is involved in Booker’s promotion, though I can’t remember the name he goes by there.  If you aren’t watching Reality of Wrestling, it’s actually really good.  The guy who asked Bayley and Sasha a question on “Raw” was also a worker in ROW.  His name is Zack Mason and he’s fantastic.  Roberts really is too, of course, he’s just here to job.  Interesting that Ariya’s win was by referee stoppage.  Don’t see many of those…and I like it.  Ariya was especially vicious and I really like that too.  His clotheslines on Roberts gave no quarter so this made perfect sense.  I’m interested to see where this goes.


Backstage segment – Mustafa Ali

He is all heart and I dearly love his promos.  They are getting rather repetitive.  The sentiments are getting repetitive but he does it so well that I can’t hate.


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander

Cedric just is not a good actor.  I really want Cedric to succeed but his promos are truly terrible.  He runs through his script so fast that it’s hard to pick out the words sometimes.  I do wonder what he’d be like if WWE turned him.  Maybe he’d be better as a heel?  What do you think?


Cinéma du Where the Heck is He? – Noam Dar

“Dafty” is going to be a new thing for him.  Like it!  Nice quick promo but I liked that too.


Kalisto & Lince Dorado & vs. Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis) & TJP

Can we talk about Mike & Marie’s theme song now?  Who doesn’t love a good 80’s arena rock ballad?  It’s an epic theme and nothing else on WWE television is like it.  I also want to brush by the undeniable fact that Maria is absolutely gorgeous!  Mike won the lottery with her.  Wow…  Okay, match…

Excellent match!  I complain about seeing Lucha House Party too much but what I’ll never complain about is their work.  It is exceptional.  I loved seeing Kalisto in knee bar and when Kalisto reached the ropes, he yelled, “Tell him to let go!”.  Nice storytelling.  It was in his voice and on his face too – even behind his mask.  TJP also went down in a heap of piñatas.  I’ll just leave that there.  You need to see it.  Poor Maria.  Her interference was excellent.  Still, LHP took it in what was a very fun match


Backstage segment – Tony Nese

This actually wasn’t bad.  It was quick but he was more convincing here than he’s ever been.  Good work.


All in all, another good episode of “205 Live”.  Next week, we’ll get Cedric & Tony Nese and that should be fun too.  Also, there are feuds here that will undoubtedly continue.  See you all next week for another “Pickup”.