WWE May Be Adding a “Queen of the Ring” Show

According to a report from Dave Meltzer in the latest installment of his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE is tossing around the idea of doing a “Queen Of The Ring” tournament in 2019. Meltzer pointed out WWE is thinking of ideas for a second all-female pay-per-view, and one of the bigger ideas Meltzer has heard talked about is a “Queen Of The Ring” tournament with the main roster female talent.

The rumor circulating is that WWE may very well be plotting a “Queen of the Ring” tournament next year.  WWE’s “King of the Ring” is a PPV that WWE barely uses anymore but it was a regular event for a time.  WWE’s “Evolution” PPV was successful in WWE’s eyes so they’re absolutely thinking of doing another one.  Details are still somewhat sketchy but we’ll follow up on this as it develops for sure.  

Botch Take:  Oh, this could be fun.  While I’m over it where the guys are concerned, this could be fun for the women as it’s completely fresh.  Let’s see where this goes!