I’m A Changed Man

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching one with another “Pickup” – our weekly blog on what might be the best-worked show on WWE – “205 Live”.  I should probably start by talking a bit about Drake.  As I’ve said before, I really enjoy Drake in this role.  My problem is that I’m having trouble separating this Drake from the “Raw” Drake.  They have little to nothing to do with each other.  He’s playing two completely different characters – slimy heel on “Raw” and confident, in-control manager in “205 Live”.  He’s adept at both but it’s tough to separate them.  Maybe his slimy-ness will start bleeding into the “205 Live” character at some point.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Buddy Murphy vs. Gran Metalik

Can we talk a bit about how bad Buddy’s music is?  It makes virtually no sense and it doesn’t fit him at all.  He deserves better than that.  Lucha House Party’s fits them far better.   I’m so completely bored with dives but if I have to see them (and I know I do – it’s the way things are now), I’m fine to see them from any luchador – Gran Metalik included.  He does them so well and they look so crisp.  Lince’s dive right into Buddy’s waiting duplex-ready arms was a thing of beauty too.  Buddy’s got some serious strength.  Gran Metalik even hit his Metalik Driver on Murphy and it looked to be over.  Of course, it couldn’t be and Buddy had to take this one.  The storytelling here was just masterful.  I love that Buddy isn’t afraid to slow things down to a crawl.  It makes the energy spike he’ll generate out of nowhere mean so much more.  Very good match!


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick, The Brian Kendrick, & Akira Tozawa

The beauty in this one was the nuance.  Many of the guys on “205 Live” don’t have that but Kendrick absolutely does due to years of experience.  I really liked Akira going to straighten out Kendrick’s collar.  Akira starts to do it and Kendrick jerks his head towards him – momentarily forgetting that he can trust him.  Akira smiles and adjusts the collar.  Kendrick then smiles and says, “Thanks, bud”.  That was absolutely perfect.  They were in a bitter feud for a while there so that made total sense.  Very human and I really liked it.  Akira has a fashion idea.  This is going to be delicious.  The last little bit made no sense but I’m okay with a little silliness.


Cinéma de iPhone – Drew Gulak & Gentleman Jack Gallagher

They are pure slime and I love it.  Not much more to say, really.  I can’t wait for next week’s street fight.  It should be a whole lot of fun.


Backstage segment – Ariya Daivari & Hideo Itami

So now he’s old school.  Got it.  He’s no flash, all substance.  I can dig it.  Hideo coming out to offer a vote of confidence was a nice touch too.


Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander

I salivate at matches like this because I know how great they’ll be.  I was struck here by Nese’s speed.  I already knew quite well about Cedric’s, of course, but I hadn’t seen Nese be this quick before.  He also hits an absolutely wicked clothesline.  Late in the match, Nese caught Alexander going for a Neuralizer and turned it into a Samoan drop.  It got the job done but it looked like a train wreck.  Odd botch on a “205 Live” match.  Of course, Cedric took this one.  Buddy coming down to the ring after the match ended was perfect too.

I absolutely can’t wait for Buddy vs. Cedric at TLC.  Hopefully, it won’t be relegated to the pre-show.  See you this Sunday for TLC right here on Wrestle Royalty!