Leaked – Raw Format Sheet

It’s highly unusual for a WWE script or format sheet to be leaked, but when one does, the internet goes a little crazy.  Raw this week was a change of pace for fans, one that has many people up in arms for so many reasons, and this leaked format sheet could only add to the insanity that has been running rampant.

As you can see, little things were changed for the actual show, but the overall show was basically as the sheet stated.  This was listed as Raw Show #1 because they taped the Christmas Eve episode of Raw after this one ended.


QD – I was shocked to see that someone other than Slater was listed as the ref for the first match as that was such an obvious choice at this point.  Honestly, when things like this leak I become really giddy.  It’s one of those little backstage things we so rarely see but makes me smile when they appear out of nowhere.  I’m sure at least one head will roll over this, but it’s such an innocuous little piece of paper that tells us little more than what we saw, so I don’t see the huge deal, other than someone who signed an agreement somehow screwed up.  Being that it’s so little, I hope no one loses their job over this.