Smackdown Live! (12/18/18)


Smackdown Results:

Smackdown starts with Shane McMahon speaking to the roster in the backstage area. He talks about giving people opportunities and creating the best product for the WWE universe. He says that it starts tonight and for everybody to not only reach for the brass ring, but to go past it. He thanks Paige for her contributions as GM and that she isn’t going anywhere, but that her role has changed.

Becky Lynch makes her way down to the ring to talk about her TLC match from Sunday. She says that she doesn’t care who is in charge because it is the Man’s show. She says that all she wants from the McMahon family is the Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey. She says that she has worked too hard to let a Roddy Piper cosplayer take it all away from her. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. She tells Becky to get behind her because Rousey is hers. She then says that if it wasn’t for Rousey, she would have been an 8 time champion and Asuka’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. Asuka says to forget Ronda because she is the champion and Becky and Charlotte have a back and forth with her. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He tells them to stop making excuses and take their losses. He asks Asuka if she wants to defend her title and Naomi comes down to plead her case. Vince makes it official and the match will happen after the commercial break.

Asuka def. Naomi to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship

The Miz is outside the McMahon Family’s office and knocks on the door and Vince McMahon answers. Miz asks if Shane is around but Vince says that Shane can’t come out to play. Miz asks for Vince’s blessing because he feels they can be great partners together. Vince gives the okay and says he will find a team for them to face later on in the night.

Rusev is interviewed backstage and says that he is everything you look for in a superstar. He talks about his physique and awesome beard that could be sold on eBay. He says Shinsuke Nakamura looks like Sonic the Hedgehog and will win the title on the best day, Rusev Day.

Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring for Samoa Joe’s apology for what he has said over the last few weeks. Jeff talks about his past demons and how they are in the past and not in the now. He calls out Samoa Joe to hear his apology and Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring. Joe comes down to the ring and says he is sorry but that this is no apology. He says it is more important than that and that it is an intervention. He says he doesn’t need that because he is over them and that Joe is projecting his demons onto him. Jeff talks about how Joe has been on the main roster for 2 years and hasn’t won a title and Joe goes to attack Jeff but Jeff is able to hit a Twist of Fate on him.

The Miz & Mandy Rose def. R-Truth & Carmella

A video package hyping up the 6 NXT call-ups is shown.

The Usos come out and they call out the Bar but Gallows and Anderson come out instead. They say that it has been all Usos, the Bar and the New Day and they haven’t been on tv since August. They say that is no more and the start making their way to the ring. A referee comes down to the ring and the ring announcer announces that the match between the two teams will start right now.

The Usos vs Gallows and Anderson ends in a no-contest when SAnitY comes out and attacks both teams. The Bar then come to the ring and attack both teams as well.

Shinsuke Nakamura cuts a promo backstage and shows a video package with highlights from Rusev on Total Divas. Nakamura calls Rusev a Total Diva to end the promo.

The New Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring prior to his match and talks about how he killed the Yes! Movement and destroyed the house that AJ Styles built. He talks about how people are destroying the planet and that the people in Fresno, California are the guiltiest of them all. He talks about how Fresno is ranked number one in pollution in California and yells “Shame!” at the crowd. He talks about how he can show the crowd the way to be better and Andrade “Cien” Almas comes down to the ring for their match.

Mustafa Ali & AJ Styles def. The New Daniel Bryan & Andrade “Cien” Almas