The IWC…Uncovered and Unhinged

Y’all kill me.  No, really.  Last night, WWE promised big changes.  At the very beginning of “Raw”, we got what was quite clearly the beginning of a story arc.  Triple H. even said that the impending changes wouldn’t all come at once.  Let’s look at the changes revealed during last night’s episode of “Raw”:

  • Baron Corbin’s dismissal as acting Raw GM
  • 6 new NXT call-ups (okay, 5 – we already knew about Lars).  Still, that gives us Lacey Evans, EC3, Nikki Cross, Tucker Knight, & Otis Dozovic (Tucker and Otis are the tag team, Heavy Machinery)
  • No more Lucha House Party rules
  • No more contractually-obligated title rematches
  • Kevin Owens impending return
  • Sami Zayn’s impending return
  • Bray Wyatt’s reboot (that has begun to play out on Twitter, to be fair, and not on “Raw”)

All of this should satiate the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) to some degree…right?



Of course not.  Since when have “contentment” and “IWC” ever existed in the same sentence without irony?

I logged onto Twitter this morning and read all kinds of complaints of how WWE offered us more of the same and nothing has really changed.  I’m honestly not sure what else they want.  I have an idea though.  Along with the return of the overly-rose-tinted, totally-unworkable-in-today’s-climate semi-train wreck we knew as the “Attitude Era”, they want complete and total change to happen over night – a complete “Raw” lobotomy if you will.  No, wait, that’s not it.  Had that happened, they’d still find a way to complain about the immediate about-face with no real warning and they’d tell us how events should have unfolded more slowly…’cause, you know, they know better.

However, that’s not what they really want.  No, they don’t want satisfaction at all.  They only want to complain.  It is this exercise upon which the IWC thrives.  Complaining makes them feel cool because, in their warped minds, they know so much better about the product than WWE – a company that’s been around longer than almost all of us have been alive – than Vince and company do.  You remember Vince, don’t you?  He’s the guy who took WWF from being a localized concern to being an international one.  We also can’t forget that he managed to overcome WCW – a company that was absolutely obsessed with not only being the best, but ending WWE entirely.  We may argue with the methods used in both instances but we can’t argue with his success in both regards.  He also just shepherded a huge deal to move Smackdown Live to the Fox Network next year.  So much for the tanking ratings or whatever, right?

Yet, Vince is completely out of his mind, has completely lost it, and armchair bookers who’ve never either spent two seconds in a ring nor two seconds in a writing room know better.  Right.  That makes sense.

Am I saying that I love everything that WWE does?  Surely you know me better than that.  They have made some bizarre missteps that even Helen Keller could see (Gobbledeegooker, Vince Russo, Mantaur…oh, forget it, I’ll be here all day).  Still, through everything, I can sit here and say that I’ve been a fan of wrestling for nearly 4o years…and WWE has been around for all of that and longer.  They haven’t lasted this long by blowing it as often as the IWC would like us to believe.

In short, the IWC is a special kind of fan.  They are the kind of fan that really aren’t fans at all.  They are fans of whining…and they’ll do it no matter how good things are.  They also aren’t getting that WWE pays zero attention to them…and that’s as it should be.  You shouldn’t either.  Still, it can be amusing to watch them cry.  You’ll have to forgive me, though, if I’m not willing to offer them Kleenex while they do it.