ROH Signee Turned Down Offers From WWE And The Elite

The changing wrestling landscape is turning out to be great news for wrestlers because they are now able to get higher money offers from different companies.

As reported over the weekend, Bandido signed a deal with Ring Of Honor, but they were not the only company that was interested in him.

Bandido was one of the key guys that the people behind All Elite Wrestling wanted to feature and that would explain why they made a point to make him look really good during the main event of the All In pay-per-view.

As reported by “Uncle” Dave Meltzer, WWE was said to have been interested in him as well. WWE’s offer was lower than what ROH offered him but WWE went back to him and offered something “dramatically higher” than their first offer when they realized that he had better money offers.

Bandido ended up signing with ROH because their offer was still higher. The other benefit for him is that ROH’s scheduled is for far fewer dates, which means he could work outside of the United States on his off days and ROH can help to get him in with New Japan Pro Wrestling (although, NJPW may end the working relationship for ROH in the future if AEW gets off the ground running)

Bandido reportedly said that he “adores those guys” (Young Bucks and Cody) and wants them to succeed but his decision not to sign with AEW was because there was not an actual offer on paper as they are still in the planning stages and there is no TV deal as yet.

You can expect to hear more stories like this about free agents in 2019 as WWE tries to sign away wrestlers who might make a splash in companies like ROH, AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Sir Mitch Says: Get ready for the great talent bidding war of 2019!