He Can’t Come Out And Play Right Now

There Is The Money

Shane’s speech was interesting. He was quite evasive about what will be happening with SD and Paige. I love the long burn, and they are setting up for the long burn on the Road To WrestleMania. I’m still worried about what the plans for Paige might be, but she deserves a lot. I hope she’s a manager or something fun, not stuck interviewing backstage as she’s so much better than that. She deserves bigger than what I worry she might be doing. Only time will tell, so I’m not jumping at ghosts yet.


No Chance, That’s What You’ve Got!

Of course, Becky is pissed, and she wants Ronda. That’s exactly what we all expected. Not surprised that Charlotte was out there, she has to feel hurt too. While she didn’t lose the strap the way Becky did, she did lose because of Ronda. I’m hoping they don’t go Triple Threat Match between the three at WrestleMania, though I have to wonder if the only way McMahon will allow the female main event is with Charlotte in the mix.

Women who wear straight off the shoulder tops should do so when they have narrow shoulders. That stark line widens the shoulders visually. Charlotte doesn’t need her shoulders to look any wider. In fact, if she wants to widen a part of her body, it should be her hips. She’s built like a swimmer and has a beautiful body, but the way she’s dressed this week is counter-intuitive to her body-type.

The screaming is back. Asuka proved last week that she can work the mic without the screaming, but sadly it’s back this week.

I have been calling for mixing up the matches. I’ve been calling for that for quite a long time actually, and the antiquated rematch clause adds that much more to this. Seeing McMahon and Naomi on the stage together was strange, but it worked. I think it’s because there’s so much more of an age gap than there was when he was on TV all the time and we didn’t bat an eye at him being there with anyone.


The Colors!

Their ring gear is so bright! I guess it didn’t bother me when they were tagging, but in the ring together it’s a lot of fast-moving brights. It was a bit blinding for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love that Asuka was screaming in Japanese from the ring the way she was. I don’t like her screaming, but I loved that because it was off-mic.

This was a great match. It wasn’t very long, but they both hit a lot of interesting and creative moves while selling quite well through it all. There were a few tiny issues, but that can happen in any match. I’m sorry if I sound clinical, but this match made me think in a clinical way as they’re both such strong workers who can put on seriously technical matches while adding in so much fun and creativity. I don’t want to see either of them turn, and I want them to stay a team as it would be great to see Asuka hold double gold. But more face vs. faces matches between these two could add a lot to SD, as long as they don’t go overboard and show us nothing else but these two facing off.


I Don’t Give Blessings

Miz trying to talk up his side to McMahon was hysterical! Asking for McMahon’s blessing about had me on the floor, but not as much as McMahon’s reaction to Miz. Between staring off into space, making a match and closing the door in Miz’s face, this segment is exactly what I want from a backstage McMahon segment! It was very short, showed big characters, continued a story and didn’t make us feel as though McMahon was trying to push himself down our throats as so many complain the family does.


Total Divas Rusev?

Our own Mat said that this version of Rusev is very much how he is on Total Divas. As I don’t watch Total Divas, I cannot say, but I have to point and laugh at Mat for watching. While I know, Mat isn’t one to believe this, but there are people who think that Total Divas and Total Bellas is real in the way that wrestling is fake. People who will watch Total Divas and Total Bellas because it’s who these people really are, nothing is set up, and everything said and done is exactly who these people are in real life. I cannot help but laugh, then again, I also have to laugh at Rusev losing his accent more and more as he goes along.


Drugs Are Bad, Mkay?

I really want more from Jeff and for Joe as this whole thing has been a mess. Yes, it’s fiction modeled after reality, but it’s a horrible way to waste Joe when he doesn’t have a lot of years left in his career. Not saying he will be done in two years, but he’s been working for a lot of years, and his body cannot hold out forever. Then again, I’ve been saying that about Jeff Hardy for the past ten years, and he’s still in the ring! This was something I was hoping would change sooner than later.


She’s Not Maryse?

Goodness Mandy, she looked rough in there from the start! After the MMC at TLC was so bad between Carmella and Foxy, I was hoping for more here, but Mandy is struggling. Further, as strong as R-Truth looked on Sunday is as weak as he looked here. What a mess! R-Truth looked better than ever in the ring at TLC, and this was as if he had nothing to give. Not the best booking in my opinion.


Good Bros Complain

I hope this is the start of something completely different. I know I’ve been calling for more of the Tag Division on SD and specifically calling for Sanity, but that’s because I know Sanity is entertaining and The Good Brothers haven’t been since they debuted. Heck, Festus was a better character than Gallows has been since returning.


The Insanity Of It All

Dang, that Uso really got his leg caught in the ropes! That always looks incredibly painful to me and brings me back to the ropes being tightened for Regal who complained that they were too loose and ended up with Foley losing his ear later in the night. I’ve watched as the ropes have tightened over the years in the WWE. Honestly, it makes me think of how I weave compared to my friends. Most of my friends weave like the ropes on the indie scene, with the threads and tablets all floppy. Personally, I’m all WWE in that I keep breaking looms with extreme tension.

I think this is why you like me writing this as SD is live. I complained about the lack of Sanity through all this and how The Good Brothers was a nice step in the right direction but that I still wanted Sanity. Then there’s Sanity, and I’m a happy shucky-ducky! Sanity and The Bar really left The Good Brothers and the Uso flat. Loved it!


Those Legs!

I know it was the music Stacey Kiebler used, but I think they need to try to use the ZZ Top song for Rusev at WrestleMania. That would be epic.


The New Guys

Bryan is killing it with his heel turn, but I still want him to force the WWE to make him a vegan WWE Championship belt. It’s the one thing that needs to be addressed as he’s playing Mr. Planet. It’s really the perfect character for Bryan who has been the vegan hippy for as long as I can remember. I thought he had to add some foods back into his diet over the past couple years, so I don’t think he’s actually still vegan, but he’s absolutely still a hippy.

The other new guy being Ali who I’ve been very open about loving him since he first debuted in the Cruiserweight Division. Something about him screams more than 205 or mid-card. He’s small but weighs in at more than Rey, and he’s not over on 205. He’s only a couple pounds lighter than Balor, who is also not over on 205. I’ve been saying from the start that these 205 guys shouldn’t be stuck only working 205 matches, and only on 205 Live. Just because they might not be as big as some of the other guys doesn’t mean they cannot be THE top guy. Bryan’s not that big, HBK’s not that big, Rollins’ not that big. Heck, I was shocked while watching the new season of E&C that Christian is only a tiny smidge bigger than Breeze, and Christian did a great job of carrying SD there for a while. Then there’s Rey who has been WHC at 175lbs! There’s no reason the top Cruiserweight Division superstars shouldn’t be able to work Raw and SD as well, especially guys like Ali.

I’m giddy that Ali got the three over Bryan. I’m hoping this was one more big step in the right direction for him as I know he’s capable of being a top superstar. He didn’t look like a little guy amongst monsters. I’d never put him in the ring with Brock Lesnar, but I don’t want to see anyone in the ring with BL these days, other than Strowman taking that strap off him and stomping his arrogant and useless bum into the mat. Sorry, strong feelings there. Anyway, I have so many superstars I want to see Ali in the ring with. A feud with a heel AJ could be epic for Ali. Honestly, I know that’s one of the things that caught my eye about Ali from word one is that he’s a face, and a great face at that. Almost every wrestler of middle eastern descent ends up having to be a heel, so the fact that he’s a face is huge on many levels. I’m a bit surprised that McMahon didn’t push him to be a heel, but his smile is so endearing I’m always warmed when I see it, so he’s great as a face.


Final Flush

As expected, this was a solid episode with some great wrestling and more questions than answers. SD is almost always better than Raw, but with the changes that are coming about, I’m hoping things only get better from here and that it’s not just a Road To WrestleMania storyline. So many wonderful little moments here as well as some that fell flat. I’m more excited for the WWE than I’ve been in a while. The IWC will complain about everything, it’s what many of them want to do, but I always try to look on the brighter side of thing (as much as I can), and I’m excited to see what will happen next. I have a good feeling about this and will continue to keep my hopes up unless they really screw things up. Hoping that McMahon is willing to work with his kids on things makes me hopeful that things will continue to get better in the WWE.

Queen KB