Monday Night Raw (12/24/18)

Q: What did Hulk Hogan ask in Arts and Crafts class?

A: Whatcha you gonna glue, brother?


Enjoy the show!

Raw Results
(even though the show was taped)

Elias defeats Lashley in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight, Lego included.

Slater’s Chrismas wish is for his best friend Rhyno to come back to Raw.

Roode & Gable defeat Revival to retain Raw Tag Team Championship (pinned the wrong guy, so there will be more of this to come.

B Team backstage singing screwy Christmas carols and trying to get Apollo to buy a B Team shirt, but he’s done all of his shopping already. Apollo leaves and they continue to sing.

Lucha House Party discuss their wishes. Hawkins wants cane wax and other things but mostly wants to win a match. No Way Jose wants something for Santa, bringing the conga line to the North Pole, but only if Santa brings him boots, hats, and hot chocolate.

Ziggler says he deserves these things for Christmas – Shane McMahon hands him the trophy, DZ & Friends get their own special on Netflix, and proof that he’s just that damn good by beating McIntyre and Balor tonight.

Balor defeats Ziggler and McIntyre by pinning Ziggler for three. McIntyre is seething ringside. Into the ring, McIntyre yelling, so Ziggler takes him down hard before leaving the ring himself.

More B Team caroling backstage, though they’re losing it a bit.

McMahon Claus says in 2019 Cena will return to Raw and SD, and there will be a Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Bayley & Sasha & Ember defeat Mickie & Foxy & Dana After the match the Riott Squad showed up and beat down the winners.

Recap of Corbin talking down Rollins on Raw last week.

Heyman in the ring singing his own version of Silent Night, then trashes on California, followed by Strowman. Strowman heard enough and came to the ring. Strowman put a red nose and antler headband on Heyman, calling him “Little Paul Heyman the red-nosed advocate.” Strowman goes on about BL getting those hands and leaves Heyman in the ring seething.

Bliss talks up all the mean things she wants for the other women. Breeze wants Ariana Grande tickets more than Fandango’s physical health.

Ronda defeats Nattie to retain Raw Women’s Championship Ronda to Nattie’s side to check on her. They hug after the match with so much concern on Ronda’s face. Much talking and hugging in the ring.

Ambrose, backstage, wishes Rollins what he deserves in his match with Corbin tonight. Ambrose got the gift he deserves, the IC Championship. “Deck the halls baby, that’s what you deserve.”

Slater defeats Mahal via DQ when Singh Bros attack Slater with Santa distracting in the stands. Santa into the ring and attacks Mahal. Rhyno Claus gores Mahal almost out of his boots, then celebrates with a smiling Slater.

B Team staggering around still singing, and are up to 41 garden gnomes and 40lbs of cheese. They crumble to the floor in a heap.

Rollins talks up opportunities and how he’s going to take care of Corbin, then Ambrose.

Apollo, Ascension, and Angle talk about their Christmas wishes. As it’s Angle, he was wearing some silly Christmas hat.

Rollins defeats Corbin clean