Smackdown Live (12/25/18)

What did D’Von tell Bubba when they were working at McDonalds?

Oh my brutha! TEST THE FRIES!


Smackdown Results:

Smackdown opens with Truthy Claus(R-Truth) and Carmelfa(Carmella) coming down to the ring throwing gifts to the crowd. They being to sing “Jingle Bells” but are interrupted but the New Daniel Bryan and he makes his way down to the ring. He starts talking about working instead of being with his family and says that Truthy Claus isn’t the real Santa Claus. He calls everyone fickle and says he will expose Santa Claus. Bryan begins to talk about how the population is polluting and ruining the Earth and that if it continues, it will destroy the North Pole and there will be no Santa Claus. Truth starts to retort by saying he will win the Royal Rumble since he has the number 30 spot. Carmella and Truth begin a dance break but it is interrupted when Bryan attacks Truth. Bryan puts Truth in the heel hook and then delivers boots to Truth’s face. Bryan puts Truth in the heel hook once more and then poses with the WWE Championship as he makes his way to the back.

Mustafa Ali def. Andrade “Cien” Almas

The Good Brothers & The Usos def. SAnitY & The Bar

Mustafa Ali is backstage and gets congratulated by members of the 205 Live roster. Shelton Benjamin welcomes him to Smackdown Live and then the New Daniel Bryan comes from out of nowhere to attack Ali. Bryan continues to attack Ali but is eventually separated from him.

The Miz makes his way down to the ring for Miz TV and he introduces his guest for this evening, Shane McMahon. They start to talk about the changes that are coming to Smackdown Live and Miz continues to push for a team with him and Shane. The Miz begins to explain why he wants to team with Shane it is to make his dad proud. He continues to talk about why they should be a team and even asks the crowd to back him and they begin to chant “YES!” and Shane tells Miz that he better not screw him and agrees to team with him.

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe ends in a no-contest when Hardy wouldn’t stop attacking Joe on the outside. Hardy continues to attack Joe and throws him over the announce table. Hardy looks to continue his attack but Joe is able to lock in the Coquina Clutch on him and puts him to sleep.

Rusev def. Shinsuke Nakamura to become the NEW United States Champion!

AJ Styles is in the back and walks into Vince McMahon’s office. Vince asks who he is and AJ replies that he is the phenomenal one and that Smackdown is the house that he built. Vince begins to question AJ and Vince tells AJ he wants to see what is inside of AJ. Vince tells AJ that he has an animal inside of him and that he should let it out. Vince slaps AJ and then AJ knocks Vince down and referees come in before he can do anything further.