The Debate On NJPW Having No Women’s Division

A recent tweet posted by the Stardom started a dialog backstage.

Mitch and I had a lot to say, so we thought we would share it with you. The Women’s Evolution is something that is so much bigger than the WWE, pro wrestling, even sports, the entire world is changing. It’s been over fifty years since women were fighting for equal rights and burning their bras, which was about a hundred years after the suffrage movement started around the world, so it’s more than time for another huge women’s movement. As a woman, I’m thrilled to watch it happen. Wrestle Royalty is one of the very few pro wrestling sites owned and run by a woman, something I wouldn’t have thought I could do, even ten years ago. WR was opened at the perfect time for this women’s evolution in the pro wrestling industry, and while I don’t want to come off as obnoxious, I’m thrilled to be a leader at this end of the industry.

Queen KB= Black 
Sir Mitch= Blue 


I’m not saying NJPW not having a Women’s division isn’t wrong, I’m just saying it’s nowhere near as black and white as some people are making it. People who just want to take shots at NJPW in response to others taking shots at WWE are trying to set up this narrative that women’s wrestling in Japan is being held back because the biggest company there doesn’t have women’s wrestling.

The reality is that if NJPW had a women’s division they would be competing with all these awesome women’s promotions such as Stardom that has been known to outdraw NJPW from time to time! I’m not sure that’s a good thing because if an NJPW women’s division succeeds those promotions would suffer and if they don’t succeed it will be a blow to women’s wrestling as a whole!

Japanese pro wrestling is steeped in tradition and I’m not surprised that they are not changing. On the other hand, they really should do some duel promotions with Stardom. I think that would absolutely the way to go for both companies, at this point in the evolution. To be honest, if I was involved in NJPW I’d be going after Stardom to build some serious duel promotions as it would be better for both companies. The growth of women in wrestling should have all companies, including NJPW, stepping things up a notch in their use of women in the companies as a whole.

I also find that the same people screaming about this issue are the same ones who defended WWE to the death over Crown Jewel! Besides, the Evolution PPV is proof, in my eyes, that WWE could start a brand just for women and it would be a huge success!

Crown Jewel is a whole other problem in and of itself. That Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks worked a match in the middle east is a fantastic step in the right direction, but that’s just one step, with their ring gear drastically modified. I’m extremely unhappy with Vince McMahon for signing that contract for Crown Jewel, especially in the middle of this women’s evolution. I understand that there is serious money involved, but it sends the WWE Universe mixed signals about women, their place in the world, and what they’re able to do in the ring and out. The WWE is so big on entertaining children, but what message are they sending? That goes even further for NJPW and not having a women’s division at all! Not the message I want my daughter to have.

More to the point, if you feel all forms of separation in pro wrestling is wrong, then you should also be upset that WWE keeps the Cruiserweight and NXT stars separate from the main roster for the most part. You should be upset intergender wrestling is a no-no in WWE as well. Heck, you should probably also be upset that men were not allowed to work Evolution!

While I think the Cruiserweights should be on Raw and Smackdown, NXT is a whole other entity unto itself and should stay that way. I’ve stated for a while now that the women’s division in the WWE needs their own show as well as being on both major brands, but when they went there they did so with Total Divas. Total Divas is an affront to pro wrestling and women in pro wrestling, and a huge step back while the WWE is trying to show how much they support women’s wrestling. I understand why they are not putting on intergender matches, though I don’t completely agree. Some of the women can hold their own with some of the men and should be allowed to do so in competitive matches. It’s not assaulting women, it proving to what level they can perform in the ring, which is sometimes much better than some of the men.

The reality is equality doesn’t mean everyone and everything has to be the same for it to be a level playing field. Equality is about everyone/everything having equal opportunity to succeed!

Mitch hit the nail on the head with his final sentences. Equality doesn’t mean the same, and lately many of the women have been taking what they have more than earned and proving that they are so much more than bikini models who play around in pudding and pillow fights. NJPW might want to reevaluate where they want to go, where they want to build their viewership, as they’re not going to get far in most places without either a women’s division or hand in hand with Stardom. Until then, I will be dishing out my $8 and watching Stardom!
Queen KB & Mitch