Booker T Returns To The Ring

Booker T, at 53 years of age, will be stepping back into the ring sooner rather than later.  He owns Reality of Wrestling out of Houston, TX and his very own champion has challenged him to a match.  Rex Andrews, ROR Champion, challenged Booker to a match at their next internet PPV.


QD – I was shocked when I first heard this, but after reading why Booker is stepping into the ring I’m thrilled.  While on a WWE Kick Off a couple years ago, Booker had pointedly stated that he was glad he was no longer in the ring as there was no way he could keep up with the kids of today in there.  I thought that was quite profound when there are wrestlers ten years his senior still trying to relive their glory days and looking the fools while doing it.  So yes, I was shocked, but then I learned it was for his own wrestling company and I completely flipped my view on Booker in the ring.  This is a man who is supporting the company he owns in the best way he can.  I only hope that I am seen as stepping up and doing the same for both of my companies, Wrestle Royalty and Freckle Factory.  (BTW – WR will be pushing hard in 2019, stay tuned!)