DJZ And Impact Wrestling Part Ways

DJZ has worked for Impact Wrestling for most of his wrestling career.  He debuted in 2011 as Zema Ion and has grown into a viable competitor, two time X-Division Champion and one time Tag Team Champion.  DJZ has worked hard in a wrestling company that is confusing on the best of days, and downright horrible on others.  WR will follow DJZ wherever he goes and will let our readers know where he ends up when we know where he’s landing.



QD – DJZ has been in my heart since he got sick, had surgery, and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  I know that everybody and every body with Crohn’s Disease is different, but I’m in awe that he can work the ring the way he does as I sit on my sofa and write about his exploits.  I hope that wherever he goes he’s appreciated for his work and continues to grow his name, his skills, and his following.