Kenny Omega May Be Leaving NJPW

Kenny Omega recently did an interview with Tokyo Sports.  During the course of that interview, he mentioned that his contract with NJPW will expire at the end of January.  He also said he may be taking some time off from not only NJPW, but wrestling in general.  Here’s some of the transcript:

“There is no real place for me to fit, so it’s best for me not to be in (NJPW). I can’t be there working under Tanahashi. I don’t think he’s surpassed me, don’t think he’s better. If we can, I want to face him again. But I need time away, and not just from New Japan.”

We don’t yet know where he’s leaning for sure but once we find out, we’ll keep let you know.


Botch Take:  Oh, AEW?  If he leaves, he’s gotta go there, right?  Anyone think he’s not going to sign with them?  Anyone?