One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – The Naomi/Mandy Rose Storyline Hurts More Than Helps

The WWE can and should be doing better for the womens storylines

The year 2018 was a banner time for the women of the WWE with a lot of firsts. The first Women’s’ Royal Rumble, which main evented that show, fantastic matches in the Mae Young Classic and on WWE programming, and the ascent of “The Man” in one Becky Lynch. Despite all that, WWE still feels the need to have two superstars squabbling over a man.

To be blunt, you can’t champion a “women’s’ revolution” in one breath, and then have a jealous wife/temptress storyline in the next. Naomi is a former Women’s Champion and probably one of the best athletes on the SD Live roster. Mandy Rose, while still new and developing has improved tremendously on the microphone and rumor says the powers that be want to make her one of the next big stars.

With all of that, the best storyline that WWE can come up with is Mandy Rose trying to aggravate Naomi over her husband, Jimmy Uso? This is a huge step back and a bit hypocritical considering everything the WWE is trying to champion in regards to the Women’s Division. Better alternatives would be Mandy and Naomi competing for the next title shot or have Mandy and Sonya DeVille ganging up on Naomi over the upcoming Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Even just the two superstars not liking each other, Naomi being the longtime vet (as she has been with the WWE since the days of FCW) and the up and comer wanting a spot. It is a storyline worthy of “Total Divas,” not WWE programming and especially not when the women are having a great run across all the brands.

10-15 years ago, in what I would refer to as “the dark times,” the “Divas” Division wasn’t doing so well. The women were considered a “bathroom break,” relegated to 2-4 minute matches on television, counting entrance time. It was not great, and what storylines there were, were abysmal from Kelly Kelly and her jealous BF Mike Knox to Michelle McCool and Layla as “Co-Divas Champions” with a segmented belt and everything.

Recently revealed on a Table For 3 with Maryse, Kelly Kelly, and Eve Torres is that during this time, while the women were only getting 2-4 minutes, they were getting 15-20 minute house show matches, so the WWE leaned on them for house shows but were unwilling to give them television time.

The athletes of the women’s division have fought for their spotlight through hard work, will, a well-timed social media campaign and great talent. Having shallow storylines like two good athletes fighting over one’s husband is borderline insulting and beneath both Naomi and Mandy Rose.