Keep That Same Energy

Let’s see if all those fans who have been booing Nia Jax mercilessly out of the building the last couple of months for accidentally hurting Becky Lynch or booing the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose match out of the building at MITB keep that same energy tonight for someone far more deserving like Hogan when he returns to RAW for purposely being a racist behind closed doors and just a god awful human being in general for Lord knows how long.

Y’all hijack and boo everything else like IWC-obsessed sheep so let’s see if you guys actually put your deuces to good use finally and direct all that negative and nasty energy at a guy who’s actually going to make a profit off of Gene Okerlund’s death with his return. If Orlando fails to give Hogan the reception he truly deserves, then you guys have failed as wrestling fans.