Naomi/Mandy: The Rebuttal

Duke Dre

Recently, my colleagues and I here at Wrestle Royalty had a very interesting debate about the Naomi/Mandy Rose angle being presented on Smackdown. One of my colleagues expressed how the Mandy/Naomi revolving around Naomi’s husband (Jimmy Uso) is a big step back for the women’s division and, while I definitely respect that opinion, it’s not one I share and for the next few paragraphs I will express why.

For starters, the women’s division on Smackdown is very jammed-packed at the top. Becky, Charlotte & Asuka all occupy spots at the top of not only the women’s division on Smackdown but Smackdown in general and all 3 are along with Carmella are currently intertwined together in a feud revolving around the Smackdown’s women’s championship and it’s made for very compelling TV.

Usually I’m these types of scenarios involving the women the rest of the women not feuding for a title are left with nothing because creative has nothing for them so we get a bunch of random multi-women tag matches that have no storyline whatsoever to play off. Finally, that appears not to be case here. Its refreshing to see creative put some effort into the women’s midcard and attempt to give them a story that both Naomi and Mandy Rose something they can play off that can bring out more personality from both these ladies. Naomi has probably shown more intensity in this feud so far then she ever has at any other point.

I do get that Naomi is a former two time Smackdown’s women championship – trust me I know this because Naomi is my favorite women’s wrestler and she’s been my TV crush for God knows how long. Sadly, creative failed to put any type of effort into her creatively when she was champion so unfortunately nothing memorable came out of it.

For fans who follow Total Divas and Smackdown this is something that they can get invested into because Naomi and Jimmy Uso’s relationship/marriage has played a big part in that show from the very beginning. So fans of that show are more likely to sympathize with Naomi over Mandy making passes at her husband in order to get inside her head. This feud also helps further establish Mandy Rose as narcissist self centered heel going forward.

And for those who feel that these type of angle is classless or degrading to women, let me stop and ask you guys this, how did you guys feel about the AJ Styles/Samoa Joe angle that was ran a few months ago where Samoa Joe relentlessly dragged AJ’s wife and daughter into their feud in order to get inside AJ’s head? From what I remember, I didn’t remember hearing any complaints then. In fact that angle was praised and labeled compelling must see TV.

How about when the WWE ran a angle with Kane/Edge centered around Lita that lead to Lita stabbing her on-air husband (Kane) in the back to align with Edge as god on air romance only to turn around and exploit her real life relationship with Matt Hardy to turn that into an angle all in the good name of getting Edge over a massive heel which lead to him becoming the top heel in the company for the next 3-4 years. There’s also Rusev/Lana/Aiden English, Edge/Vickie, Big Show, Triple H/Steph/Angle/Jericho, Trish/Christian etc etc. I could go on.

Looking back I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of these love triangle angles that WWE runs more then often involve 2 men feuding over a women as opposed to the other around and as we can see it didn’t do anything to hurt the world of wrestling whatsoever so I don’t see how this midcard angle involving Naomi/Mandy will somehow negatively impact the Women’s Revolution or Joe it places a bad stereotype around the women.

Well, that was my 2 cents on the matter so please feel free to please share your thoughts/opinions on how you feel about the Naomi/Mandy storyline.