WWE Rushes Hulk Hogan Merchandise back to WWEShop and the responses…

Well, this isn’t going well.  A few hours ago, WWEShop.com announced new Hulkamania shirts are now on sale:

The response…hasn’t been great.   I was going to post a few but it’s easier for you to just read them where they live.  They aren’t pretty.


Botch Take:  WWE has been absolutely desperate to get Hulk Hogan back in the fold.  They are so desperate, in fact, that they’ll even use the death of “Mean” Gene Okerlund to do it.  “You know somethin’, Mean Gene?” is iconic, no doubt so I do understand the connection.  Still, this is beyond cheap.  Add to that the need to shill merch just ahead of it is just utterly tone-deaf.  Money comes first, darn it, and if you’re willing to spend it, WWE will sell it – no matter what message it sends.

Did I mention that he’s a racist who no longer deserves time on any media format?   Guess I just did.