You REALLY Need to Chill – The Naomi/Mandy Rose Chronicles

You mad, bro?

Of course, you are.  Okay, maybe not you but many of you are.  Many have decided that Mandy Rose’s feud with Naomi on “Smackdown Live” is going to set the women’s evolution back decades and that WWE is going to again plunge headlong into the Diva era.  They’ve decided that, darn it all to heck, Mandy and Naomi are so much better than this and all women feuds should instead be in highly-technical matches fought fair and square and the victor should win clean to determine the superior athlete at all times.

Wake up and get real, will ya?

In case you haven’t noticed, “Smackdown Live!” is a TV show.  Before it is wrestling or anything else you imagine it to be, it’s a TV show.

Because it’s a TV show, there are characters.  Mandy Rose and Naomi are characters.  Those two characters are involved in a storyline.  We’re talking one storyline.  Does that storyline hearken back to a Diva thing?  Yeah, but it’s one storyline.  The feud has also been used as dressing for a pretty good match between Sonya Deville & Naomi.  So far, not bad.  Better yet, we’re getting Naomi in the middle of an angle so she’s on TV regularly.  Vince likes Mandy and she’s constantly improving so this works out for her too.

Another thing is that the IWC flat-out refuses to let anything play out.  It’s a classic issue that’s been a thing for as long as the internet has existed.  WWE comes up with an idea and before it can ever play out, the IWC hates on it, claims it a disaster, and craps all over it on the internet.  Here’s a novel thought:  how about we let this go for a few weeks before we completely tear it to pieces?

No?  Well, it was just a thought I had.  Carry on…or something.  Let your hypersensitivities be your blanket.