Recap of All Elite Wrestling Rally

Alex Marvez & Conrad are up and they’re our hosts!

They get started quickly!  Alex Marvez & Conrad introduce themselves quickly and without hesitation, they brought out SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, & Scorpio Sky) right away.

Scorpio start bashing Jacksonville a little bit only for Daniels to turn it into a shill fest for the SCU t-shirt.  HA!  Daniels announce that they are officially signed to AEW


Alex and Conrad are back.  They introduce Cody Rhodes.  He talked a bit about how wrestlers are paid the least of any professional athlete and on the whole, that’s certainly true.  He promises to change that.  He talks about fans and how they will always come first and that wins and losses matter.  He then introduces The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)


Matt began talking about All In and how well it went.  He talks about how the Khan family came into the picture.  He talks about O.W.E & the Good Hearts.  They’re signed to AEW too. They’ll also be running Double or Nothing on May 25th at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


Conrad and Alex return.  They introduce Brandi Rhodes – Chief Brand Officer.  She then announced the AEW women’s division with the best female wrestlers in the entire world.  She also said women will be paid as well as men are.  She said to get the best, one must cast a wide net.  She then introduced Britt Baker as the newest signee to AEW.


Britt says that she’s no only the first woman signed to AEW, she’s the first overall athlete signed.  She wants to set an example to pursue your dreams in all areas of life.  She’s both a doctor of dentistry as well as an AEW wrestler.

Conrad is back but before he can get far, Maxwell Jacob Freeman comes out to slam Conrad and his appearance.  He was hilarious.  He slams the town a bit.  The bear comes out to disrupt MJF and he distracts MJF while Joey Janela nails him in the back with a crutch.  Penelope Ford comes out with him.  They, too, are signed to AEW.


Conrad and Alex are back.  They talk about how great the viewership is (over 100,000 views/listeners) and they introduce Hangman Adam Page.


Adam Page goes on about how he loves wrestling because he has complete control and his bosses are the fans.  He loves that.  He says he’ll work harder than ever to make AEW a success because the fans deserve it.  Cody & The Bucks have made him hungry.  He pledges to be the first AEW champion and then…


Page can’t even lace Pac’s boots, he says.  They look to go at it right then and there but Pac leaves before anything happens.


Conrad & Alex return.  Conrad then says “what if that wasn’t the last surprise?”.  They bring out Cody & the Young Bucks again.


Cody says their second show will be right there in Jacksonville, Florida.  Not only will it be there, a large portion of the gate will go to benefit the victims of gun violence.


Conrad & Alex come back yet again.  This has been a historic night for wrestling and everyone’s excited for Double or Nothing.  “Wrestling is cool again”, Conrad says, and to follow everyone’s social networks.


“I’m Chris Jericho and I’m All In with All Elite Wrestling”.  That’s what he said!  He’s not there for the money.  He’s there because he wants to do something new and different.  They aren’t just going to change the world, they’re going to change the universe.