Smackdown Live (1/7/19)

Smackdown Live Results:

Smackdown kicks off with the New Daniel Bryan at a concession stand inside the arena. He begins to talk down about concessions and that he people in the arena are unhealthy and that is why they cheer AJ Styles. He says cheering him fills an empty void in their lives and takes a hot dog from a fan. He throws the hot dog back at the fan and throws a soda at another fan and calls him fickle. He asks the vendor at the merchandise stand for a Yes Movement t-shirt but reminds people that it is dead. He talks about AJ’s merchandise and then makes his way into the arena. He berates the fans as he makes his way down the steps and talks about how he will beat AJ Styles and that he is something to be proud of unlike AJ Styles. He makes his way over the guardrail while continuing to berate the fans and R-Truth comes out of nowhere to attack Bryan.

The New Daniel Bryan def. R-Truth. Bryan makes his way up the ramp and is then attacked by AJ Styles from behind. Security comes to separate the two before AJ is able to use a chair on Bryan.

Andrade “Cien” Almas & Samoa Joe def. Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali

Carmella is backstage and talks about her upcoming triple threat match with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. She says that she will beat Charlotte and Becky and that Mella is money.

The Usos cut a quick promo in the bowels of the arena about their match with The Bar. They say they will beat them and earn a shot at the tag titles and finish by welcoming them to the Usos Penitentiary.

Shane McMahon is in his office and the Miz walks in and questions why the Usos are getting an opportunity to earn a title shot. Miz says Shane can put them in the title picture because he is a McMahon but Shane says they have to build up to it. Miz continues to pitch wrestling gear but Shane walks off.

Rusev is in the ring and he addresses what happened last week when Lana was injured due to Shinsuke Nakamura’s attack. Rusev says that while Lana is home resting, he stands there not as the US Champion or the Bulgarian Brute but as a husband. He says that Nakamura can mess with him all he wants but he crossed a line my messing with Lana. He calls out Shinsuke and tells him that he will break his bones and crush him. Nakamura is in a production truck and he says he will prove to everyone that it is not his fault, by Rusev was the one at fault. Nakamura replays the footage from last week and says that Rusev crushed Lana. Rusev says since Nakamura isn’t coming to him that he will come to him and he makes his way to the truck. Nakamura attacks Rusev with a trunk and kicks him in the head. Before he is able to do more damage, backstage personnel is able to separate the two but then Nakamura hits a Kinshasa to Rusev.

Becky Lynch is backstage and talks about her title run and how it woke up the entire industry. She says that she will beat Charlotte and Carmella and that she will beat Asuka.

They show the tribute video package for Mean Gene Okerland that was aired last night on Raw.

The Bar def. The Usos when Mandy Rose appeared on the entrance ramp and distracted the Usos. The Miz comes down after the match and congratulates the Bar on their win. He challenges them to a match at the Royal Rumble for the Smackdown tag team titles. Cesaro takes the mic and says they will consider it and Sheamus delivers a Brogue kick to the Miz. Cesaro then says that they accept the match as the Miz lays on the ring mat.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are walking backstage and Naomi appears and attacks Mandy Rose. Deville then helps Mandy and they get the upper hand on Naomi before Jimmy Uso comes in to separate the women.

Charlotte Flair is the last to talk about the triple threat match and she talks about her accomplishments on the main roster. She says she is there for her Smackdown Women’s Championship and that the ladies should be ready to be humbled by the queen.

The New Daniel Bryan is backstage getting interviewed and he talks about the attack from AJ Styles from earlier in the night. He questions why AJ attacked him and wonders if it was because he is trying to change lives or it was because of the WWE Championship. He says that is wasn’t vicious and wasn’t near the viciousness of the New Daniel Bryan and that he will never get the title from him. He ends by saying that the New Daniel Bryan will be WWE Champion forever.

The Miz is backstage with Shane McMahon and they talk about their upcoming match with the Bar. Shane says that the Miz may have misunderstood him but the Miz starts talking about how their time is now. Shane says that he didn’t want it to go down that way and asks the Miz if they are ready for this. The Miz says that are and Shane makes it official.

Becky Lynch def. Carmella and Charlotte Flair to earn a a shot at the Smackdown Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. Asuka makes he way down to the ring after the match and her and Becky Lynch have a stare down as Smackdown comes to a close.