I Still Owe the Guy

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with your weekly “Pickup” – our look at “205 Live”.  This one promises Cedric Alexander & Hideo Itami in the main event.  This will be amazing!  Note that I’m blogging this episode as it happens.  I always do that as it adds immediacy to what I’m writing.  Let’s get into it, shall we?


This particularly commentary team is my second favorite – just behind “Raw”.  They all work really well together and they form a cohesive team.  “Raw” gets the edge because of Cole for me.  Cole is underrated and is the standard against which all other WWE commentators should be judged.


Noam Dar vs. Tony Nese

Man, Tony’s “ab schtick” is moldy, no?  Sadly, that’s the extent of his personality.  His quick promo before the match had zero charisma.  He said the words but I didn’t believe him.  I never do.  Noam, on the other hand, is dripping in it.  His work with Alicia Fox really brought that out.  He’s not really in a position to show much of it these day and I hope that changes sooner than later.  Okay, the match.

What on earth was the twisting backslide pinning thing Noam did?  LOVED it!  Even the commentators had to laugh.  It also made Noam a little dizzy which I totally get.  The creativity in this match was great.  I love Noam’s move set because of how unorthodox it is and Nese is no slouch there either.  Loved his counter for Noam’s submissions.  The end was great too.  Nese’s ego and desire to inflict more pain got the better of him and Noam rolled him up to end the match.


Backstage segment – Brian Kendrick

Reading a letter for Akira Tozawa…LOL!  Very unorthodox (apparently that’s the word for the night) promo but I really liked it.  It wasn’t long but did its job really well.


Backstage segment – Drew Gulak, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Mike and Marie Kanellis, & Drake Maverick

This was really two segments wrapped into one.  The first part of it involved Gulak & Gallagher with Drake and it was a riot.  I love watching Maverick react to the people he works with.  Many don’t do enough of that and he always does.  Gallagher’s reaction as he showed off the binder was hilarious!

The second involved the Kanellis’ and it was great in its cryptic storytelling.  Marie and Mike are prepared to “fight harder” to get noticed.  Should be interesting…


Cinéma de iPhone – Lio Rush

Lio is great on the mic.  Always.  At all times.  This was short but, of course, he nailed it.


Cedric Alexander vs. Hideo Itami (w/ Ariya Daivari)

Ah, the match I was waiting for.  Both of these guys are magic in the ring so this was destined to be fun.  Vic blew it a little when he referenced Hideo’s kicks were to Cedric’s sternum.  They weren’t; they were clearly to Cedric’s chest.  Not a huge deal but as I said, I’m writing it as it happens so I noticed.  Wrestlers of this type rarely sell that well but Cedric, by and large,  isn’t afraid to do it.  Hideo got in a lot of offense here and Cedric sold it all really well.  Hideo’s falcon arrow onto the floor looked particularly sickening.  Wow!  Ariya brought some fun to this too – constantly reacting and cheering Hideo on.  I think Ariya may turn out to be the missing piece that Hideo needs.

The ending is exactly what it should have been.  Cedric has already had his major run at the top of this card and it’s time for someone else now.  I wouldn’t even been mad if Hideo became the champ, honestly.  All the pieces are in place for him to have a credible run.


Backstage segment – Buddy Murphy

So we’re getting an “open challenge” next week.  I’m not mad at it!


Okay, so the Royal Rumble 4-way match is set!  Should be a really fun match.  It may even steal a lot of the night if they let it.  See you all next week for another “Pickup”!