Women Of Wrestling Conference Call Highlights

Wrestle Royalty was invited to the media conference call to promote Women Of Wrestlings’ upcoming premiere Friday, Jan 18 on AXS.TV. On the call were WOW owner Jeanie Buss, Founder of WOW (and the original GLOW David McLane, and CEO of AXS.TV Fights Andrew Simon.

This is a big passion project for Jeanie Buss, she talked about her father Jerry Buss and how he would give her comics and she always favored Wonder Woman and Supergirl and would watch wrestling with her father. When she was approached by David McLane to start a women-focused promotion, she instantly jumped at the opportunity to build something new.

Women Of Wrestling

David McLane is every bit the promoter since founding the original G.L.O.W. promotion. He wants WOW to be a centerpiece on Friday nights along with New Japan. He talked about how he and Jeanie have worked to recruit not only wrestlers, but great athletes to the promotion. He credits Title IX with women having access to athletics that they didn’t in the past and how there aren’t enough platforms for capable women. The roster of WOW ranges from 18-19 to early 40s and all performers are fully insured per Jeanie Buss.

Some great information and promotion from Buss, McLane, and Andrew Simon


  • There will be ONE singles title, per David McLane. The WOW Championship, currently held by Santana        Garrett, but the WOW Tag Team Titles will be reactivated in the near future
  • WOW will have an 8 episode run, but everyone seems optimistic that will expand or a second run of episodes will be forthcoming soon
  • All performers are fully insured, this was a big point for McLane and Jeanie Buss. Buss wanted this even before the promotion started shows
  • WOW shows and events are family friendly, and WOW has meet and greets at every event they perform at
  • The promotion also offers financial and career advice to any performer who wants assistance. Setting up life insurance, 401K, etc.
  • AXS.TV and Mark Cuban approached Buss about partnering WOW with New Japan and Friday Night Fights, they want to make the Friday night lineup on AXS.TV appointment television
  • Similar to Lucha Underground, there will be women from the independent scene on the show. Kiera Hogan, Willow Nightingale, and Jessica Havok will appear in the inital 8 episode run
  • Shaul Guerrero, daughter of the great Eddie Guerrero, is the ring announcer for WOW
  • Tessa Blanchard’s agreement with WOW came after she signed a 2 year deal with Impact Wrestling but terms were agreed on so she can appear on both shows
  • WOW is establishing a training academy for women wrestlers in California – headed by WOW original Selina Majors and Tessa Blanchard

We keep saying here that it is the best time to be a wrestling fan, and the intent and passion on this call from all the principals cemented that for me. Some of you may remember that WOW originally had a run in the early 2000s but failed to find its footing. Their rebirth, backed by Jeanie Buss. MGM, and AXS.TV, wants to bring a fun, competitive, and female focused wrestling product to television. There are stars in this promotion – a 2nd generation star in Santana Garrett, a 3rd generation star in Tessa Blanchard, and a roster that is ready to prove itself.

WOW on AXS.TV premieres Friday, Jan 18 at 9pm EST

AXS.TV is available on DirectTV, SlingTV, Philo, and other streaming platforms.