Low Ticket Sales For NXT UK TV Tapings

Despite all the hype WWE has tried to build around their fledgling UK developmental brand the last few days with their own Takeover event and Performance Center, NXT UK continues to suffer growing pains!

Ticket sales for the brand’s next lot of TV tapings to take place on January 13th, the day after Takeover: Blackpool in the same venue (which sold out all 3,000 tickets almost immediately) is not even half sold. In fact, if you go to the Ticketmaster UK site, you can purchase up to 8 tickets in one row in almost every section of the Empress Ballroom.

To put that into context, Progress Wrestling (a UK promotion WWE has partnered with to give its contracted stars somewhere to work in between TV tapings as NXT UK is yet to have a regular touring schedule outside of monthly TV tapings) are selling out shows held in venues the same size every week!

Poor ticket sales for NXT UK TV tapings are sadly nothing new and fans online have now begun joking that there are more empty seats in an episode of NXT UK than an episode of 205 Live (which isn’t a nice thing to say considering the insane amount of talent on both shows killing it every week)

Sir Mitch Says: At this point, it seems like the concerns of WWE killing off the Indy scene in the UK are unfounded.

The reality is NXT UK seems to be struggling to compete against local promotions who continue to see strong, steady growth.